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  • Nancy Pelosi
    Nancy Pelosi: Republicans heartless for wanting UI benefits paid, job creation
    On Thursday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.,continued her drumbeat against Republicans, claiming GOP lawmakers are heartless for wanting measures to stimulate job creation and demanding that extended unemployment benefits be paid for...
  • Carlton Gebbia
    ‘RHOBH’ star Carlton Gebbia calls out Joyce’s heartless comments
    “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Carlton Gebbia may be new to the show, but she doesn’t get along with the other new housewife on the show, Joyce Giraud. It seems like the women have taken sides, as Brandi Glanville...
  • terror
    Ghouls take to Twitter to disparage Boston, victims of Patriot's Day Attack
    "Good, those running f**ks needed to get blown the f**k up..."As cited by the Twitter watchdog website Twitchy on April 16, 2013, #PrayForBoston has been trending since the terrorist attack of yesterday, but that hasn't stopped...
  • Freedom is not as easy as you think
    Freedom is not as easy as you think
    The movie The Breakfast Club, is an important movie about growing up and the pressures of being a teenager. I watched it this weekend with my daughter, for the millionth time, since it came out years ago.It is one of those movies, you come away...
  • Heartless (DVD)
    "Heartless" on DVD
    Heartless on DVD114 min - Drama | Fantasy | Horror - November 19, 2010 (USA) in theaters. DVD release date -April 12, 2011.Internet Movie Database ( voters gave Heartless a 6.1 out of a 10. 2,162 votes were cast at the time of this...
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