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  • The 8th Annual Cerebral Palsy Center Reunion
    The 8th Annual Cerebral Palsy Center Reunion
    The 8th Annual Cerebral Palsy Center Reunion was memorable and enjoyable. Family, friends and caregivers gathered at the Weinstein JCC for an afternoon of fun, food, magic show and auction.Reunions are fun; they create memorable moments. And at...
  • Mixing booze and pot, a bad combo
    Mixing booze and pot, a bad combo
    Both marijuana and alcohol are substances that can be abused and lead to untoward consequences. Some only in indulge exclusively in one or the other; however, some partake of bot substances. A new study evaluated the combined effects of consuming...
  • Weight screening of teens reported ineffective for curbing obesity
    Weight screening of teens reported ineffective for curbing obesity
    An obesity epidemic is ongoing in the United States across all age groups, including teens. The problem persists despite numerous anti-obesity campaigns. Researchers at the University of California, Davis, School of Education, Davis, California,...
  • UCLA proactive regarding unnecessary antibiotics and tests
    UCLA proactive regarding unnecessary antibiotics and tests
    Unnecessary medical tests and inappropriate use of antibiotics not only squander healthcare resources but also can result in harm just as antibiotic resistance and radiation exposure. This problem exists across all medical areas, including senior...
  • Makeover Monday: Sculpt your body in three moves
    Makeover Monday: Sculpt your body in three moves
    We are now in the midst of summer, summer, summer. Though that is wonderful the idea of exercising is not on the top of your list. Yes, sweating and being sticky is not in the least bit appealing. Well get over it and have yourself some water and...
  • Spice Up a Summer BBQ
    How to Spice Up a Summer BBQ
    The weather is baking hot and your garden is looking fabulous. Is there a better time to organize a summer BBQ for friends and family? Of course there isn’t! But, let’s be honest here, BBQs are two a penny and although there is nothing...
  • 4th of July fireworks
    Birthday celebration
    Do you celebrate your birthday as an adult or do you let the day come and go without notice? Besides the reality of the day you were born, have you ever wondered spiritually or philosophically what this day might mean? According to
  • Dementia
    Dementia sufferers may benefit from GPS devices
    Dementia is a devastating condition which hits many elderly people. The Alzheimer's Foundation of America reports that Alzheimer's disease is a progressive, degenerative disorder which attacks the brain's nerve cells leading to loss of...
  • Energy drinks and sugary sodas linked lifetime diseases and over 184,000 deaths
    Energy drinks & sugary sodas linked to lifetime diseases & over 184,000 deaths
    Energy and sports drinks, sugary sodas, fruit drinks, sweetened iced tea as well as frescas or homemade sugary beverages are poor choices for quenching thirsts, hydration and health in general. Individuals that drink these types of beverages daily...
  • Blue eyes
    Research sees a link between blue eyes and alcoholism
    Crystal Gayle's biggest hit as a singer asks “Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue?” The song talked about a lost love, but now a similar question might be asked about alcoholism. On July 2, CBS News looked at the results of a...
  • SNAP recipients are welcome at the Easton Farmers Market
    Easton Farmers Market offers 'double-dollar veggie bucks' all summer long
    Easton residents have one more thing to celebrate: Buy Fresh Buy Local Greater Lehigh Valley has landed a USDA grant enabling the Easton Farmers Market to offer "double-dollar veggie bucks" to SNAP recipients all season (through November...
  • Natural Improvement for fibromyalgia
    Fibromyalgia: The natural approach to improvement
    A great many people suffer from this difficult to diagnose illness and most of them are women. Fibromyalgia is debilitating and painful, affecting muscles and pinpoint areas of the body. It’s been around long enough now that, finally, it is...
  • Sarah Nazario, of Milwaukee, working at the Sensodyne Spa at Summerfest
    Sensodyne Dental Spa is back at Summerfest this year
    The Sensodyne dental spa is once again back at Summerfest this year. The free Sensodyne samples and brushing station is located near the Children's area at the Summerfest grounds near Lake Michigan in Milwaukee. Summer fest runs through July...
  • butterfly
    How to see with 'new eyes' in retirement
    Here in Florida, life is lived mainly outdoors. If the white sandy beaches don't inspire you, then there is the wonderfully diverse fauna and flora or the exotic birds and wild life, often right on your doorstep: I recently had a pair of...
  • Crowd pleasing recipes for your next cook out
    Crowd pleasing recipes for your next cook out
    Barbecues and summer time are just a great combo. The idea of seeing family and friends plus good food is just a win, win. With the fourth being almost here it would be a terrible shame not to throw a backyard party and feature some awesome...
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