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  • The Cow's End Cafe
    Perfect coffee at beachside hangout
    28 Cups Later: The search for LA’s best coffee house experienceThe Cow’s End Café 34 W Washington BlvdWith a name like The Cow’s End, the coffee better be good. Indeed it is. Established and family owned since 1989, Clabe Hartley...
  • NASA logo
    NASA To Host Google+ Hangout On Hurricane Research Flights
    You and NASA will be able to talk about the weather using social media. NASA will host another Google+ Hangout. It will be from several NASA centers at 2 p.m. EDT, Tuesday, July 23.This hangout is about NASA's Hurricane and Severe Storm...
  • Hangout with Imran Khan
    Hangout with Imran Khan on September 6th and ask him a question or two
    New York-An internet connection and a question is all you need to hangout with Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan online via Google Hangout on Thursday, September 6th. In another trendsetting decision to use technology for...
  • Hamburger Patties
    Hamburger Patties is fun and tasty
    Hamburger Patties, formerly known as Hamburger Mary's, is a restaurant and bar located on J Street in Sacramento.Known for its eclectic decoration, 2 Buck Tuesdays, and karaoke nights, this is the perfect hang out spot for those looking to...
  • Obama Google+ Hangout
    Obama’s 'Interesting' failed Google+ conversation
    On Monday, President Obama sat down for an online group discussion in a Google+ hangout.Obama's latest campaign stunt took a wrong turn in anexchange witha woman who asked why it was so hard for her husband to find work in this economy.After...
  • Chinese Food
    Wing Wah Chinese Restaurant – the new Friday night hangout for seniors
    Many of you had your neighborhood’s “street” that hosted your favorite places to hangout: Frederick Road to the west, York Road to the north, Belair/Harford Road in the Northeast and Eastern Avenue to the east. Reisterstown Road...
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