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  • Inside a hollow handle sterling silver knife
    Inside a hollow handle sterling silver knife
    The term, "hollow handle", poses a mystery for many. How can a sterling knife have a hollow handle and still weigh so much? The same is true for a silver plate knife.The accompanying slide show helps us "peel back" the mystery....
  • Favor ain't fair.
    Can You Handle Favor?
    As I emptied one of the small bags of jewelry I'd just purchased, I felt a wave of excitement hit me. I picked up each item individually and marveled at its beauty. Each piece of jewelry was unique, but they were all beautiful. As I lowered...
  • Morning Star Montessori
    How to Handle Learning Differences informational session in Marietta, Georgia
    Morning Star Montessori School, a developmental preschool located in Marietta, Georgia, will be hosting a community Lunch and Learn event on Friday, October 19th, from 11:30 A.M. to 1:30 P.M. Not only will this school unveil a new program that...
  • Twitter
    Twitter 101: How to Get Started
    Lately, I have been approachedby people who want to start tweeting but are not really sure what Twitter is about. It’s always a joy to share what they can gain from joining Twitter.I still come across individuals who dismiss Twitter as a...
  • 979818_bailey3.jpg
    How to handle a stray dog
    Never approach a stray dog. Rfirman @ Whenever you deal with a stray dog, you must act with caution. Canines surviving off the streets often carry disease and other illnesses that can hurt humans. Also, they may attack out of fear. So, if...
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