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  • Lifetime TV host Tracy Balan promotes breast cancer awareness on and off screen
    Lifetime TV host Tracy Balan promotes breast cancer awareness on and off screen
    Celebrity hairstylist, entrepreneur, and television host Tracy Balan raised awareness for breast cancer on a recent episode of Lifetime’s “Girlfriend Intervention.” In a display of solidarity on the makeover show, Balan removed...
  • Experienced stylist at your service
    Experienced stylist at your service
    Mary Cinelli was born to a big Irish Catholic family and grew up in the southside of Chicago. Now a twenty year stylist, Mary recalls running errands for a local barbershop that would allow her to sit and watch the barbers cut hair. "I was...
  • Hairstylists case against Nicki Minaj dismissed
    Hairstylists case against Nicki Minaj dismissed
    Earlier this week Atlanta, Georgia, District Judge Harold Murphy dismissed Terrance Davidson's $30 million law suit against rapper Nicki Minaj and Pink Personality LLC. Davidson had become Minaj's stylist in 2010 and the relationship...
  • Hairstylist at work
    How to find the right hairstylist
    Finding the right stylist is a lot like finding the man of your dreams. You spend years bouncing from salon to salon, from stylist to stylist, hoping to find the one who will understand and fulfill your needs. This is especially true if you have...
  • 5 ways to make your hairstylist uncomfortable
    5 ways to make your hairstylist uncomfortable
    Salon professionals go to great lengths to ensure that every client who sits in their chair feels at ease. However, when it comes to getting a great cut or color, it is also important that the hairstylist is at ease. Unfortunately, there are many...
  • 7 reasons why your stylist is snubbing you
    7 reasons why your stylist is snubbing you
    Lately does it feel as if your favorite spa or salon is giving you the bum's rush or the cold shoulder? Are your visits getting more and more unsociable, as if your stylist or nail technician is in a hurry to get you out the door? You might...
  • Kiyah Wright: Celeb hairstylist reveals her ‘Love In The City’ on OWN Network
    Kiyah Wright: Celeb hairstylist reveals her ‘Love In The City’ on OWN Network
    Celebrity stylist Kiyah Wright has been behind the scenes for the past decade, making our favorite celebrity's hair beautiful. Kiyah loves to help the everyday women feel beautiful in their lives and will now be revealing her life in the new...
  • Guy Fieri fights with Hairsylist
    Food Network star Guy Fieri brawls with hairstylist, tosses him out of SUV
    Food Network star Guy Fieri was captured in a huge fight with his hairstylist as he tossed the hairdresser out of his SUV according to video obtained by TMZ on Wednesday.Perhaps Guy Fieri’s bleached blonde locks just weren’t light...
  • Heather with fellow stylists
    Finding the right salon
    Cringing because you are moving to SWFL and have to leave your favorite hairstylist? Most clients first thoughts are; "Who's going to do my hair when I get there?Will she be as great as my stylist back home?" and "How will I...
  • Washington Bridal showcase
    Washington Bridal Showcase 2012
    It’s that time for the Washington bridal showcase again! All beauty professionals and beauty services companies should start planning for this big day now. Dulles expo has a bridal expo every year. This year’s bridal showcase will be...
  • Happy Hairstylist Appreciation Day!
    What would you do if your hair stylist was gone?
    Do you know that April 30th is Hairstylist Appreciation Day?Did you ever consider what you would do if your hairstylist suddenly picked up and left? Was gone with no forwarding address? OMG, for us females that's a pretty scary
  • Joanna Penido
    Raw young talent Joanna Penido
    At twenty-five, Joanna has what most dream of. With a huge family, she is one of five kids. Married for the past two of nine years, she and hubby Levi have produced two exceptional little girls, Mariah age seven and Julia age two.Joanna first...
  • Hairstylist Extraordinaire
    Hairstylist Extraordinaire
    Nestled in a cozy shopping center in Littleton, Colorado is a salon and spa that offers its patrons an oasis of escape for those times when they are feeling down. Salon Foushee, opened in 1997, was born when Kara Forshay was looking for a...
  • Cindy-Jo Dietz
    From architectural illustrator to barber
    As the housing market in Southwest Florida crashed taking the economy with it, Cindy-Jo Dietz an architectural illustrator was forced to switch careers. Fifteen years of building a career can leave you uninspired, but Cindy-Jo found encouragement...
  • woman talking to stylist
    Your hairdresser really knows for sure
    Hairdressers may just have a part in early melanoma detectionTalk about your hairdresser knowing for sure now they just may be able to help with early detection of melanoma.This really is not as far fetched as it may appear. In Texas, hairstylists...