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10 Ways you may get Hacked this Summer

May 14, 2014
Can you name 10 ways you can get hacked this summer? I can.Hotel HackingThose hotel electronic card locks for doors aren’t as secure as you think. A criminal attaches a little electronic gizmo beneath the lock, and...

Protecting Your Business's Data From Organized Crime

April 15, 2014
Organized crime rings are using brains, not brawn, to target small businesses and steal critical data. Protect your business by putting these 11 security measures into place.Organized crime has always been known to be all about muscle … but...

How To Stop Criminal Hackers In Their Tracks

April 1, 2014
Do you offer free WiFi? Put these three safeguards in place to protect your customers and your business.On a recent trip from Boston to New York on an Acela Express train, I was writing blogs and doing some research...

Justin Bieber gets hacked

March 20, 2014
Justin Bieber's Twitter account was briefly hacked a few days ago and it could easily happen to you.As if Justin Bieber didn’t have enough trouble with his night of drunk driving and street racing in...

ComiXology data compromised

March 6, 2014
The digital comic mecca,, was compromised by hackers. ComiXology has an online interface and app for mobile devices so you never have to be without your comics.In an email to it's users today, March 6...

"Gamer Safety Week" kicks off today

February 10, 2014
Have you ever received one of those SPAM mails that claim to be from one of the online games you play, requesting you to change your password or billing information? It's pretty easy to avoid one of...