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  • Bionic Relaxed Grip Glove
    Golf Gets A Better Grip: Bionic Gloves
    You should hold the golf club like the neck of a small bird. You have heard that all along in lessons, but how do you hold an accelerating object lightly? As demonstrated by tour players, if you can grip the club lightly, you are likely to have a...
  • STM Bags
    STM Bags and Cases make the perfect Christmas gift
    STM: Protecting your digital cargo.For over a decade, Australia-headquartered STM Bags has made some of the most stylish and useful bags and cases for protecting our digital gadgets and gizmos.We all transport our laptops, phones, and tablets with...
  • Snub Revolver
    Gripping the snub revolver
    The proper grip for a small revolver is somewhat different than for an autoloading pistol. This is dictated by the different shape of the revolvers stocks and by the difference in mechanical operations between the revolver and autoloader.With a...
  • A proper grip
    The proper grip for shooting an autoloading pistol
    The proper grip for any handgun should accomplish several objectives:Maximize our hand friction on the handgun. The way we prevent the handgun from moving around in our hand(s) is simply via friction. Therefore, the more hand surface we have in...
  • Breaking Down the Golf Grip - Par 2 of 2
    Breaking Down the Golf Grip - Par 2 of 2
    Breaking down the golf grip Part 2 of 2In video number two we move away from the fundaments of how to hold the club to dissecting the differences between the three most common variations (Overlap, interlock and baseball grips).First, we look into...
  • FPS Freek CQC - Signature Edition
    Review: Kontrolfreek's 'FPS Freek CQC - Signature Edition'
    Time and time again, when gamers are asked what their favorite gaming accessories are, Kontrolfreek (KF) thumbstick accessories are always near or at the top of the list, and for good reason.I've sampled several different KFs (read my previous...
  • Golf scientist
    Technique tip; gripping the club
    At last count, I came up with 2,420 things that can possibly go wrong with a golf shot (okay, so maybe I missed a few)! And any time I get the chance to eliminate one of them, believe me, I take it! So here's a technique tip (key words to keep...
  • Grip.JPG
    Fly fishing tip of the week: Get a grip!
    An alternative grip Photo: R FightmasterSimply changing your grip can often make enormous improvements in your cast....There are a lot of challenges when you are new to fly fishing and one of the biggest is fly casting. Certainly there are a lot...
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