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  • Green laundry bags
    What is greenwashing and Why is Greenpeace trying to stop it?
    Greenwashing is a relatively new term you might not be familiar with. It sounds good, doesn't it? Maybe it means washing your clothes in environmentally friendly detergent. Maybe it means washing yourself with organic soap. Unfortunately,...
  • Watch out for greenwashing
    Watch out for greenwashing
    Words like ECO, green, or environmentally friendly appearing on a product are no guarantee that they are truly the best you can buy and protect the planet. Some is exaggerated, some is ignoring the non-green qualities, and some is purely to make a...
  • Green labels to trust
    Green labels to trust
    The Federal Trade Commission released its 36-page guidelines reportdefining "green" claims in advertising to help consumers identify greenwashing, misleading claims about a company's environmental practices or environmental benefits...
  • Green Paint
    No to Greenwashing: The right choices for the planet and yourself (Video)
    Not long ago, in the 80s to be exact, the global warming scare took hold of our environment and the people in it tried to process the information and reverse this process. With that came a rise in greener choices for our health and the health and...
  • Recognize true ecotourism
    5 Common pitfalls on the road to true ecotourism
    The latest buzz word eco has unfortunately triggered travel suppliers to saturate the market with hundreds of loosely understood eco holiday-labeled travel products, causing consumer confusion as to what the term ecotourism truly represents.Good...
  • Shoppers Attracted to "Organic" and "Grown in the USA" labels
    Shoppers attracted to 'organic' and 'grown in the USA' labels
    What labels do you look for when you are grocery shopping? According to a new survey, many Americans look for labels that show the food is organic, natural or grown in the USA. The survey by Shelton Group called Eco Pulse 2011 asked more than 1...
  • Top 5 Misleading Green Labels
    Top 5 misleading green labels
    Green is big business these days and some companies are taking advantage by making their products sound eco-friendly when they really are not. It’s called “greenwashing” and it’s a growing problem. Most greenwashing terms...
  • Greenwashing America
    Greenwashing America
    The green revolution in the United States is currently progressing, but at a slow rate. With every new product or service that helps lower emissions or helps stabilize the environment, there are opportunities available to promote &ldquo...
  • What is in your shampoo?
    Watch Out For Fake “Green” Labeling or “Green-washing”
    When trying to purchase eco friendly cleaning and hygiene products it can be difficult to know what you’re looking for especially when a lot of companies out there are purposefully luring you in the wrong direction. Companies are well aware...
  • The greenwashing of children's products
    The greenwashing of children's products
    Natural family advocates and attachment parents make great efforts to live a greener lifestyle. There is a current trend towards a greener lifestyle in general -- and that's a good thing. People across all socioeconomic levels and lifestyles...
  • Beach Cleaning
    True green vs. fake green
    No doubt businesses are greening up their products. It’s the wave of the future not just because more people will buy their stuff (they will), but because non-green products that negatively impact our environment and our health are becoming...
  • Old Navy Greenwashing campaign
    With the recent burst in concern over green technology, architecture, lifestyles, and energies, it isn't surprising that some companies are using misleading information to promote their own business. The term 'greenwashing' refers to...
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