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  • Taking care of our world-Earth Day 2015
    Taking care of our world-Earth Day 2015
    The truth is there are many stories of different species helping one another to a happy ending in a serious situation. And we have many stories of...
  • Pure Blonde Liriope Evergreen Plant
    Liriope: A clumping plant with a striking color combination for the landscape
    This North Georgia trial garden plant is a "Pure Blonde Liriope" from Southern Living Plant Collection. It starts out the year in the springtime producing bright white blades of color, transitioning to deep dark green blades in summer,...
  • Flowers and plants that succeed in brightening shady garden spots successfully
    Flowers and plants that succeed in brightening shady garden spots successfully
    Looking for some plants that will survive and beautify the shady part of your lawn or garden, but which will get at least a certain amount of sunlight each day? There is a wide selection of options available, especially to the Southern gardener,...
  • Skipper on Purple Coneflower
    What is that small, swift butterfly? Maybe it’s a skipper
    Now that summer flowers are beginning to bloom, perhaps you’ve seen a small, butterfly-like creature flitting rapidly from flower to flower, but weren’t sure what it was. It may not be a true butterfly; rather it could be a skipper...
  • acacia dealbata
    The worst pollen is the least obvious
    Have you ever wondered why it is sometimes difficult to know which flowers cause the worst allergies at any particular time? It is for the same reason that it can be difficult to find the flowers that produce the most fragrance. They simply do not...
  • A winter garden
    A beauty in all seasons: Enjoying your winter garden
    You’ve dead-headed the hydrangea, raked the last of the weeping willow leaflets and planted a final grouping of tulip bulbs—you and your garden are ready to hibernate for the holidays. But don’t get too comfortable, your flower...
  • lawn
    Tips for planting a successful, sustainable lawn
    We are living at a time when living 'green' has become popular. How much more 'green' can you get than planting a sustainable garden and lawn? But sustainability is different depending on the eco-system in which you live. So if you...
  • Pampas grass
    Ornamental Grasses
    Whether we realize it or not, grasses are a huge part of our daily lives. The first grass to be used as an ornamental was Job’s Tears. It was grown in monastery gardens during the 14th century and the seeds used for rosary beads. Members of...
  • resized__1.jpg
    Weird Wednesday - Timothy Grass
    Phleum pratense, or Timothy Grassis an abundant perennial grass native found all over the Bluegrass. Timothy Grass was unintentionally brought to North America by early settlers, and began tobe cultivated into theuseof hay as early as 1720....
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