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  • Caudalie
    Caudalie Offers A Discount On Wine-Based Skin Care
    Sale alert! Caudalie, the French cosmetics and skin care company, is offering 20% off purchases of its goodies, with the promo code FAMILY2014, through Oct. 28.This autumnal harvest is appropriate, since the Bordeaux-based firm is a big believer...
  • Santorini caldera from Santo Wines
    Sustaining Greek agriculture: the mission of Santo Wines
    The volcano that blew Santorini into history 3,500 years ago created a soil that produces the driest white wines and the finest dessert wine this chef has ever had moisten his palate. They ought to be on the list of every Michelin starred...
  • Looking for natural lip and cheek colors? Review: Oeno Beauty
    Looking for natural lip and cheek colors? Review: OenoBeauty
    I talk with ladies who are health and / or eco-conscious, vegans / vegetarians, and so forth who tell me they don't wear make-up (and I include myself in this group), because they don't want to put anything on their face that has...
  • A way to use blueberries from years ago
    A way to use blueberries from years ago
    Over time, new recipes tend to spread quickly. Whenever a new or different recipe surfaces, many people try it, pass it along to someone else, who then makes it and passes it on again. This is how recipes circulate and it's always fun to get a...
  • Girl DIes Forced to Drink Grape Soda
    Tenn. couple arrested: Daughter, 5, died from forced overdrinking of grape soda
    A Tennessee couple was arrested and charged with murder this week, after investigators said the pair forced the man’s daughter, who was 5 years of age, to drink more than 2 liters of grape soda and water, causing her brain to swell and...
  • Dairy and gluten free ice pops
    Gluten-free and dairy-free ice pops for little kids and big kids
    Are you looking for a dairy free and gluten free treat that doesn't put holes in your wallet, then you better stop by Fresh and Easy. Stopping by to pick up a few groceries for the week and not finding any dairy free ricecream at the local...
  • Red Wine
    Heart health benefits from drinking grape juice are the same as drinking wine
    How many of us in the Pittsburghrealizewe can get the same heart health benefits associated with drinking wine by drinking grape juice? According to a recent survey conducted by Welch’s it seems not many of us and that’s not unusual...
  • Frozen Grape
    Pittsburgh Drinks: Ice Wine
    One of the favorite desert wines served in restaurants and sold at stores around Pittsburgh is ice wine. It is made from grapes which are harvested while still frozen on the vine. The sugars and other dissolved solids of the grape do not freeze...
  • Cranberry summer cooler
    Cranberry summer cooler
    Vermont Cranberry Company is located at 256 North Road, East Fairfield, VT 05448 phone: 802.363.3631 and email: This examiner first bought their pure cranberry juice at Burlington Farmers Market, Saturdays 8:30 am –...
  • Oliver Camelot Mead
    Camelot Mead
    The Oliver Camelot Mead is crafted in a lighter style with the easy going honey aromas and flavor in full view, but refined by a bit of floral and a hint of acidity. Found in nearly every liquor store in Fort Wayne, with very few exceptions, this...
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