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Recipes: Creamy Chicken Linguine

May 27, 2014
Linguine is a form of pasta – like fettucine and trenette, only elliptical in section rather than flat. It is wider than spaghetti, but not as wide as fettucine.Linguine means little tongues in Italian, where it is a plural...

Fiorentina and Genoa end round 10 of Serie A

November 1, 2012
Fiorentina (the Lilies) and Genoa (the Salamis) close round 10 of Serie A on Thursday, and the victory accomplished by the Lilies, 1-0.The Salamis hosted the game and did not have a good performance as they were outshot...

AC Milan defeats Genoa in round 9 of Serie A

October 27, 2012
AC Milan defeated Genoa in round 9 of Serie A. The final score was 1-0, and the victory left Milan in 8th place in the Italian soccer league.The goal came late in the 77th minute scored by center...

Storyline My Way - Phyllis Summers Newman

October 18, 2012
Phyllis Summers Newman is the woman everyone loves to hate, including her own daughter, Summer. Phyllis creates the heartache around her. Nothing in her life ever seems to go right. Her childhood was full of disappointment, as...

Genoa sign Peruvian jewel

January 16, 2012
Peruvian sideUniversitario de Deportesannounced that 17-year-old Andy Polo has packed his bags and will take a huge step in his career. Polo was recommended by Fiorentina man Juan Vargas and Genoa president Enrico Preziosi...

Milan defeated host Genoa with two goals

December 2, 2011
Today at Marassi Stadium, AC Milan defeated host Genoa by scoring the only two goals of the game. The goals were scored by Swedish international Zlatan Ibrahimovic with a penalty and Antonio Nocerino.This game is the start of round...

Genoa 4th of July - BBQ & Pops in the Park

July 2, 2010
Celebrate the Fourth of July in Genoa 4th of July Chicken BBQ Enjoy the music of the Reno Philharmonic Orchestra at Mormon Station Park while eating a delicious Chicken BBQ plate. Each year the Town of Genoa and the Genoa...