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  • Genorisity
    Overcoming Hangups Around Helping Others
    We all know that helping others in achieving their dreams and goals feels good, most of the time. It is nice to be able to make a positive difference for others. In the back of the mind, some may desire to receive recognition for the generous...
  • Generosity is the willingness of the heart to give
    Generosity is the willingness of the heart to give
    One of many lessons that we learn as children is the concept of what it means to share our possessions. This may seem like a simple concept, but in our hearts we tend to have the, this is “mine” attitude, unwilling to share what...
  • "Sow Generously!"
    "Sow Generously!"(2 Corinthian 9:6 & Luke 11:41)
    A group of people will be stopping in Maury County on Sunday. So what you may ask? The people in this group are cyclists and have a good cause on their hearts. They are cycling to raise funds for poverty housing around the world. Time spent has...
  • Family fun
    Living well
    Living well should be a personal goal. This is not something that happens automatically but must be purposely chosen. The following principals are suggestions for living well.First, one must be self-aware. Know the inner self; the strengths and...
  • Economy of generosity
    The economy of God is generosity
    Reador listen toMatthew 20:1-16What a parable!It has been reviewed in almost every conceivable way. One allegorical interpretation is that the workers hired first are the patriarchs, then come the prophets, then comes John the Baptist, and finally...
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