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  • Kevin Durant promotes kindness
    Kevin Durant and KIND brand shatter stereotypes with kindness movement
    Contrary to popular belief, kindness is definitely not a sign of weakness, and this misinformation has especially plagued women for years.To dispel the stereotypes, the KIND healthy snack brand has teamed up with NBA superstar and philanthropist...
  • 7-year-old girl calls out LEGO for promoting gender stereotypes
    7-year-old girl calls out LEGO for promoting gender stereotypes
    LEGO is getting some heat, and it all started with a letter from a 7-year old girl name Charlotte.On Monday Charlotte was quickly becoming an Internet hero, thanks to a letter she wrote last week.She hand wrote a letter to LEGO complaining that...
  • Girls are More than a Princess
    The Pink/Princess Epidemic
    The color pink has become synonymous with "girl" in a way that is both insulting and disturbing. Products created for little girls are predominantly made in the color pink, with the occasional pastel purple, or yellow thrown in the mix....
  • Dr. Paulette Kouffman Sherman, author of 'When Mars Women Date'
    Women's Intelligence Increased from Multi-tasking. Will Men Catch Up?
    Women used to be 5 points behind men on IQ but this year women took the lead! James Flynn, an IQ authority suggested that maybe it was because women multi-task between raising a family and doing a job. See the link below for more details:http:/...
  • When Mars Women Date
    It's Not True that Men Mostly Want Looks and Women Want Status!
    It used to be thought that men liked women primarily for their looks and women liked men primarily for their wallets and status. In a study where dates met face to face, there were no differences in how men and women rated their romantic interest...
  • Gender Stereotypes in relationships
    Love is more than a box of chocolates
    Allhuman beings have an“in our blood a vital need for affection,” (p. 10) says the exiled spiritual leader of Tibet, the Dalai Lama. More than anything else, the Dalai Lama speaks and writes about our common humanity. He uses the...
  • Memorializing the Holocaust
    Gender and the Holocaust
    On Monday, March 14th University of Colorado professor Janet Jacobs will present her latest work at a book release event at 4:00 pm in Guggenheim 206 on the CU Boulder campus. Dr. Jacobs, professor of Sociology and Women and Gender Studies,...
  • The manliest of men, wearing a scarf!
    Scarves with a twist
    Over the last four years there has been a scarf explosion in the fashion industry. Women are eager to adorn themselves with colorful silk varieties from Hermès, Missoni, or Emilio Pucci or bundle up in a Burberry wool scarf. Despite the main...
  • Cosmpolitan's blurb
    Cosmopolitan Magazine advocates girl gaming
    Ladies: finally, women’s magazines are advocating more than complaining about men’s video game habits and are encouraging us to join in! This month’s current issue of Cosmopolitan gives the weekend tip to “start a video...
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