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  • PK Subban
    Montreal's Subban comes in third in Norris voting, but number one with Gatorade
    If Montreal defenseman PK Subban is sulking because of his surprising 3rd place finish in 2015 Norris Trophy voting he hasn’t let on that he is disappointed.Subban ended up behind Norris winner Erik Karllson with the Ottawa Senatorsand theLA...
  • Pediayte a hangover cure? Company now marketing to adults with self-induced flu the morning after!
    Pedialyte hangover cure: No longer just for diaper set, new market in tot remedy
    With more and more folks reaching for the Pedialyte when nursing a hangover, it stands to reason that the Pedialyte makers would hone in on this prospective adult market. For decades mom's everywhere have reached for Pedialyte to give their...
  • Natural Gatorade
    How to Make Natural Gatorade, Hydrate & Detox.
    Instead of hydrating your body with sports drinks that are loaded wiht sugar and food colorings, you can hydrate naturally.Hydration is vital for cellular health and detoxification. In order for healthy digestion, healthy bowel movements, great...
  • Derek Jeter
    Gatorade releases tribute commercial to Derek Jeter
    If you consider yourself aNew York Yankees fan, you must give props to Yankees' Captain Derek Sanderson Jeter. If you are not a Yankees fan, you know a superstar when you see one. With all the fanfare about this being his last season, Gatorade...
  • Gatorade to become D-Fenders jersey sponsor
    Gatorade partner with D-Fenders for Jersey Sponsorship
    The Los Angeles D-Fenders have announced a special jersey sponsorship agreement with Gatorade, further expanding the brand’s longstanding partnership with the Los Angeles Lakers organization. The Gatorade logo will now be featured on the...
  • Can You Tell a Sports Drink From A Body Wash?
    Can You Tell a Sports Drink From A Body Wash?
    Sports drinks and body washes have the most interchangeable names: is "Ocean Charge" a drink or a shampoo? What about "Ice Storm"? So we decided to make a game show out of it. Can the CollegeHumor contestants make it through...
  • Erin Andrews having a rough time with ALCS: Goofs names after Sunday's on air ba
    Erin Andrews having rough time with ALCS: Goofs names after Sunday's on air bath
    Erin Andrews had a rough night broadcasting Game 3 of the ALCS from Detroit Tuesday night. Erin first referred to the Tiger's manager Jim Leyland as "Joe Leyland". Andrews followed that gaffe up when in a postgame interview with Mike...
  • Sports drinks
    Select sports drinks wisely
    Gatorade has been the drink of choice for high school and professional athletes since 1965 when a team of doctors created the drink to increase energy in college athletes in Florida. Nevertheless, there are hidden ingredients that may have a very...
  • Gatorade Lock In Flyer
    Gatorade Lock In at the Charmcity Skatepark in Baltimore Video Recap
    Every year the Charmcity Skatepark in Baltimore, Maryland hosts an all night skate and BMX jam. The action lasts from 9PM to 9AM. Like last year Gatorade chose to sponsor this event which meant plenty of free Gatorade schwag for all attendees....
  • Generic electrolyte beverage
    Homemade Gatorade Recipe
    Tight on cash, but still want to replenish more efficiently after exercise? There is a simple alternative to the expensive sports drinks on the market today. Read the ingredients on any sports drink and what you will always tend to find in common...
  • How come MMA fighters don't drink Gatorade in between rounds?
    How come MMA fighters don't drink Gatorade in between rounds?
    According to a July 1 post from Money Talk News, sports drinks are refreshing and also help boost electrolytes.With that said, it's a great mystery why MMA fighters don't drink Gatorade in between rounds. Not many fight fans know if there...
  • Gatorade contains flame retardant
    Gatorade contains flame retardant, PepsiCo vows to remove ingredient
    After the news that Gatorade contains flame retardant hit, PepsiCo vowed to remove the ingredient, according to a Jan. 27 RedOrbit report. A Mississippi teenager started a petition to get the company to remove the flame retardant from PepsiCo, and...
  • Gatorade forced to remove key ingredient after online petition
    Gatorade forced to remove key ingredient after online petition (Photos)
    Gatorade is a household name to over ten million homes as well as the official drink of the national football league (NFL). Gatorade a byproduct of PepsiCo Inc. has dominated over 60 percent of the sports drink market.Gatorade is not just the...
  • Teen petitions Gatorade to get flame retardant out of sports drinks
    Student petition prompts Gatorade to remove flame-retardants from beverages
    Today, Gatorade pledged to take flame-retardants out of their sport’s drinks after a high-school student raised awareness about the issue. Sarah Kavanagh, a 15-yr old student, collected upwards of 200,000 signatures in a
  • Gatorade contains brominated vegetable oil, a chemical that can cause a lot of side effects
    Mississippi teen petitions PepsiCo to change Gatorade's formulation
    According to The New York Times on Dec. 12, a 15-year-old Mississippi teen is not trying to change the world, but she is trying to change the ingredients in the popular sports drink Gatorade. Sarah Kavanaugh discovered a potentially harmful...
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