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  • Giuliana Rancic to launch innovative wine by the glass product in November
    Giuliana Rancic to launch innovative wine by the glass product in November
    Giuliana Rancic has announced plans to launch a new wine brand to Walmart stores in the U.S. The new line, called XO,G features an innovative single serve stackable wine glass designed for by-the-glass wine drinkers. The line will include three...
  • Geekspeak Guides
    Want to learn Geekspeak?! New show starting in July to help you
    We all know how Geekspeak can be really off putting and discouraging. Experts in their field often forget that not everyone knows the subject specific language and phrases, trying to do research, we often stumble onto Geekspeak and are caught...
  • Hallmark gay moms
    Hallmark Cards Unveils Mother's Day Greetings for Gay Moms
    Hallmark Cards have begun offering Mothers’ Day greeting cards for the children of lesbian parents. reports:Hallmark Cards Inc. spokeswoman Kristi Ernsting said the company is offering two cards with same-sex sentiments this year: ...
  • Google Plus Communities
    Six benefits of a Google Plus Community
    Have you joined or created any Google Plus Communities? If you have not, chances are you do no fully understand the benefits of social networking with G+ Communities. Some of them are listed below:G+ Communities can be set as private for certain...
  • Where to Start with Social Media
    Where to Start with Social Media
    If you’re a business owner you’ve probably heard all the buzz about social media and you are probably left feeling a little confused about it all. Don’t worry that’s normal. The truth is, you don’t need to be on every...
  • Pontiac G8
    Obama to GM...Kill the Pontiac or no Money
    Former GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz, disclosed today that in order to get federal money, GM had to agree to kill the Pontiac, despite the fact that the G8 was getting rave reviews and selling well, the introduction of a G6 and a new GTO in the...
  • Google+ Engagement Map aka Ripples
    Google+ is social like it or not
    Ever since Google started its social network in 2011 it has created buzz. This is a little odd considering everything wrote about it, up until a couple months ago called it a ghost town.Let's be clear. Nothing can receive that much attention...
  • Infiniti and Beyond
    To Infiniti and beyond: name or game change?
    In December, Infiniti announced that they would be renaming their entire model lineup. All of the automaker’s sedans would be designated “Q,” followed by a two digit number, and their SUVs would be dubbed “QX,” also...
  • Full |REBEL| Jacket releases the REBEL EP
    Full |REBEL| Jacket releases the REBEL EP
    Phoenix, Arizona rap duo Full |REBEL| Jacket released a 10-track EP called the REBEL EP. Full |REBEL| Jacket formerly known as American Negro, consists of G, a Dallas, Texas native, and Q, an Anchorage, Alaska native.The rappers met in Phoenix and...
  • Lillies are a good addition to your garden to encourage bees
    Mason bees for the backyard gardener
    Colony Collapse Disorder in bees Every vibrant garden supports wildlife of all types, and this includes insects, especially bees. Have you heard about the colony collapse disorder that has affected bee populations across the country? It's now...
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