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  • Mushrooms raised and sold locally in the Spokane area
    Mushrooms raised and sold locally in the Spokane area
    For many who have grown up or lived in the Pacific and Inland Northwest, foraging for mushrooms is a fairly well known tradition. Mushrooms are not only sought after for the delightful quality they bring to dining, they also have medicinal value....
  • Dead Man's Fingers Fungi
    Freaky fungi: Dead Man's Fingers
    If the thought of a zombie apocalypse isn't enough to scare the socks off you, these freaky Dead Man's Fingers Fungi will. 'Xylaria polymorpha' grows throughout the United States and may even be lurking near the edges of your...
  • Bleeding Tooth Fungus
    Freaky fungi: Bleeding Tooth Fungus puts scare in Halloween
    If you thought this freaky mass of bloody goo was just another Halloween prank, you were mistaken. The Bleeding Tooth Fungus (Hydnellum peckii) is also known as the Devil's Tooth Fungus and it's no wonder. Immature mushrooms ooze red juice...
  • Recalled yogurt contained highly pathogenic mold, says new research.
    Recalled yogurt contained highly pathogenic mold says new research
    Recalled yogurt contained highly pathogenic mold. A new lab study, "Analysis of a Food-Borne Fungal Pathogen Outbreak: Virulence and Genome of a Mucor circinelloides Isolate from Yogurt," appears online in the journal mBio, July 8, 2014....
  • The spores released by an Amanita form a cloud of bright little specks.
    Mushrooms found to create their own wind to spread spores
    Emilie Dressaire, a professor of experimental fluid mechanics at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, and Marcus Roper of the University of California, Los Angeles presented new evidence that mushrooms spread spores by using water vapor...
  • Bracket fungi
    Fungi found on old stump is beautiful
    Cleaning out a massive overgrowth of shrubbery and wild saplings may turn up beautiful fungi. In trying to identify this particular one I ran across many different types of fungi especially the bracket or shelf fungi. Fungi form on tree trunks or...
  • Have fun, do good and go "farm to fork" dining in Boston in July
    Have fun, do good and go "farm to fork" dining in Boston in July
    It's not "same old, same old" this summer as restauants come up with new and different ways to keep diners engaged. This month brings everything from a "farm to fork" new cocktail to a fundraising party for a group that...
  • A thallose liverwort, Lunularia cruciata
    Earth goes green 470 million years ago
    Research published November 2, 2010, in the journal Nature Communications, has provided essential missing evidence showing that an ancient plant group worked together with soil-dwelling fungi to 'green' the Earth in the early Palaeozoic...
  • Christopher Shein with his intern
    Christopher Shein of Wildheart Gardens
    We all wear multiple hats. Christopher Shein is certainly no exception: he is a landscaper, a horticulturist, an award-winning permaculture designer, a husband and a father. Upon visiting his home and garden on Earth Day, what sticks out most...
  • hummingbird that frequents Wildheart Garden
    Christopher Shein of Wildheart Gardens - page 4
    previous page The garden isn’t solely food. Shein prides himself on keeping native plant and flower species around in order to attract beneficial insects and birds. Planting natives is “a little selfish,” as it encourages...
  • Paul Stamets at the SF Green Festival
    Green Festival San Francisco - Paul Stamets, mycologist and superb mushroom dude
    Dressed in hat made of large mushroom, Paul Stamets took the podium with a purpose. His first talk at the Green Festival was called Solutions from the Underground: How Mushrooms can help the World, in which he offered general information on the...
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