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  • May 13 dinner on stage to raise funds for Dearborn Community Fund
    May 13 dinner on stage to raise funds for Dearborn Community Fund
    Guests are to dine on stage at the Michael A. Guido Theater tomorrow evening in the Dearborn Community Fund's “You Are the Stars!” event.One of the sponsors of the event, Park Place, will be catering fine food during the 6-9 p.m....
  • Alliance is a beautiful thing.
    It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood and tomorrow looks even better
    What is the reality of the non-profit world right now?I recently attended the United Way of North East Florida’s Annual Report and Awards and Luncheon and could not help but sit in amazement at how many wonderful people there are in the...
  • Passim exceeds goal and award $45,000 to 26 lucky recipients
    Passim exceeds goal, awarding $45,000 in Iguana music fund grants to 26 winners
    The success of the Iguana Music Fund has been astounding! Passim is proud to announce the recipients of the annual Iguana Fund music fund grant. Last year, the annual Iguana Music Fund gave away 40,000 dollars in grants to 24 lucky applicants....
  • Native American Sculptor
    Allan Houser still generous to ‘Native American advised endowment fund’
    Influential Native American sculptor Allan Houser (1914-1994) had wanted to support & improve the native community as a whole. One year before his death in ‘93 Houser established the Native American advised endowment fund (NAAEF). He had...
  • Large scale fundraising event
    Tips to raising money
    Raising money for charitable organizations can be difficult. It’s a patient process, requiring considerable research, planning, and organization. The word “development” is a perfect fit to the process an organization goes through...
  • Money
    What happened to the $12 million for 6,000 veterans by the Dept. of Labor?
    On May 2, 2012, the US Department of Labor (DOL) announced “the availability of approximately $12 million in grants through the Veterans' Workforce Investment Program to provide job training and skills development services that will help...
  • IBR is here! helps people get rid of their pesky school loans!
    Income-Based Repayment (IBR) is a new way to make your federal student loan payments more manageable. is a nonprofit organization that helps you pay off your federal student loans. The Obama administration recently announced important...
  • Weapons store in Swat area of Pakistan, controlled by Taliban forces
    Is there evidence of the US actually supplying the enemy?
    There are rumors on the winds in Afghanistan that funding for the Taliban is funneled from the US government At this point, just a rumor. are a...
  • Huntington City Building
    Huntington Common Council passes service fee
    Last year, Huntington Indiana's Mayor Steve Updike started laying off workers and this year changed trash pick up to bi weekly because of a budget shortfall. He then went on to propose a service fee for the citizens of Huntington. He has since...
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