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  • DC Comics Solicitations February 2014: Green Lantern Titles
    DC Comics Solicitations February 2014: Green Lantern Titles
    It's DC Comics Solicitations time! And this month we have a special double issue of Green Lantern and Red Lanterns with a certain superheroine joining the blood-spewing lanterns.February 2014 also has John Stewart taking the war on crime with...
  • Winter Comes to the Mountains near Breckenridge, Colorado
    Winter Comes to the Mountains near Breckenridge, Colorado
    I walked my skis down the street today to Pup's Glide Shop, and asked for the full tune. I usually go to a guy that I know at a shop down from our old shop location, but with our new location, I decided to go to a longtime local's favorite...
  • Hunter's Full Moon
    Full exposure pushes disclosure - A Hunter's Full Moon
    The moon, finding its way into our lives through in its own cycles of expansion and contraction comes to us in full light tonight with an archetype of the hunter. The October Full Moon is known in astrology as, The Hunter Moon. This moon exposes...
  • Moon brightness helps hunters
    Hunter's Moon and the grace of a season
    Hunter's Moon is one of two of the brightest Full Moons of the year. Mark the October calendar for Monday the twenty-ninth, wear something warm and see a beautiful moonscape.Hunter’s Moon annual celebrations take place around the world...
  • Third “Skyfall” trailer debuts, and this time reveals some plot points
    Third “Skyfall” trailer debuts, and this time reveals some plot points
    For fans of James Bond, this November is going to be a big month. The latest in the series that follows the infamous British Double-O agent will be released, and it will be the third one to feature Daniel Craig as Bond. This movie was long-delayed...
  • Mercury Retrograde Dates 2012
    Mercury Retrograde Dates 2012
    Mark your calendars! This article features the Mercury Retrograde dates for 2012, including shadow periods [the entire retrograde span], stations for retrograde and direct, and post-retrograde periods for March, July, and Novermber retrogrades....
  • Food that keeps you full
    Not such a hungry hippo anymore
    "Why the heck am I so HUNGRY after I just ate that bowl of oatmeal with berries on top?""I thought that protein bar was suppose to hold me over, I mean it says so right on the label!"Has anyone ever eaten what they thought was...
  • Carolina Herrera: Feather-Detail Silk Top & Two-Tone Full Skirt
    Carolina Herrera: feather-detail silk top & two-tone full skirt
    Neiman Marcus of the Somerset Collection in Troy, Michigan has various Fall preview pieces. One of the premiere designers, Carolina Herrera presents her looks straight from the 2011 Pre-Fall runway show. The 'Feather Detail Silk Top' and &...
  • Entire Dead Space 2 Gameplay Play-through in HD
    Entire Dead Space 2 Gameplay Play-through in HD
    Our friends over at TheGamerXperience are bringing the heat once again with a video playlist on YouTube containing an entire play-through of Dead Space 2 in 720p HD. The Gameplay of the entire game is featured here so if you don't want...
  • juicylips.gif
    Summer beauty tip: Pucker up for summer
    Luscious juicy lips are amust-have this summer. Here is a quick and useful tip from cosmetic genius,Napoleon Perdis, to ensure that you get the most perfectly puckered lips this sun-filled season:For a poutier lips, Napoleon Perdis recommends ...
  • Photographer: Yenny Habijono
Model: Natalie Jean 
Makeup artist: Amber Butterworth
    How to create that 'classic' red lip
    In order to create that timeless red lip we have seen for decades and decades you should follow these three steps. The first step is to prime. You might be starting to realize how important it is to prime! Your face is your canvas, you must prep...
  • Kim Kardashian's lashes
    Voluminous Lashes
    Here's a quick tip you do not want to miss. We are talking lashes and how to make them perfect. The trick is to apply a conditioning lash primer to your lashes before applying your favorite mascara. Not only will this treat your lashes so...