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Black Friday sales numbers show decline in results for 2013

December 3, 2013
Monday, the National Retail Federation released the sales numbers and results for Black Friday weekend and they are as predicted lower in 2013 from last year; the sales numbers include online and in-store purchases made between Thanksgiving and Sunday...

It is Friday for Chicago art

December 3, 2013
Friday is the end of the work week for most Chicagoans. Of course, if you are travelling backward through time, Friday may be the beginning of the work week. Chicago sports, weather, and of course art exhibits, have Friday references...

Why do people say TGIF?

October 24, 2013
Almost everyone uses the acronymTGIF on Friday but not on other days of the week. The most common meaning of TGIF is "Thank God It's Friday!" even though some people use it to mean...

Casselberry Family Fun Nights - Movie in the Park

August 9, 2013
After a week of school and work, your family can start the weekend together with the Casselberry Family Fun Nights - Movie in the Park.The series opens with Spy Kids 4 on September 6 at Lake Concord Park located behind...