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  • Frenzy by Mark King
    What do you get when you mix HG Wells & M. Night Shyamalan? Frenzy by Mark King
    Sixty years into the future, the earth is a dystopian wasteland. Small populations of humanity thrive in villages ruled by the Overseers. As generations pass by, these survivors have been conditioned to believe the Overseers are their salvation....
  • Hitchcock Piece By Piece
    Alfred Hitchcock Teaches A Film-Making Class!
    Imagine you are a film student and your teacher is none other than Alfred Hitchcock? Well, the great director never physically gave film-making lessons, other than some snippets on his craft he spoke about during interviews, but an actual film...
  • "Frenzy"  (1972)
    31 scary movies: 'Frenzy' (1972)
    Alfred Hitchcock, also known as The Master of Suspense, left movie fans with a treasure chest full of amazing classics. From “Dial M for Murder” to “Rear Window”, “North by Northwest”, “Vertigo”, ...
  • Q*bert
    Classic Q*bert gamer takes his third shot at world record glory
    National headlines have brought people into George Leutz's Q*bert adventures throughout the year. Today, on his birthday, he starts another one.Later this morning, Leutz will sit down at Richie Knucklez Arcade Games in Flemington, NJ and take...
  • Q*bert marathon
    Arcade game marathons on Q*bert and Frenzy could top 70 hours each
    George Leutz and Joel West are men on a mission, and this is the week they start.As part of an event at Richie Knucklez Arcade Games in Flemington, NJ this week, both of these veteran gamers will be aiming for multi-day sessions on classic arcade...
  • Alan McNeil
    Intruder Alert: Berzerk creator Alan McNeil on gaming's past and present
    Many video game designers and programmers are known in the modern day era of gaming, but few in the early 1980s were as well known as Alan McNeil.While most of the pioneering video game companies in those days kept the names of their hit makers...
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