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  • Fail Fast
    How to learn from your mistakes in a tech startup in order to succeed
    It was the fall of 2010, and the movie I had written, produced, and directed was finally finished and submitted to film festivals. It was an exhausting journey (creating a feature-length film), and I found myself needing a break. Being a...
  • WeVue co-founders
    Exclusive interviews with tech start-ups in Tampa Bay: WeVue
    First off, I'd like to announce that I will be interviewing one distinguished tech start-up based in Tampa Bay, Florida every month or so. The Q&A style interview will be done in whichever method works best for both the start-up and I. For...
  • Eugene Franklin Skinner
    Eugene Franklin Skinner - founder of Eugene Oregon (video)
    Eugene Franklin Skinner was born in Essex, New York. His mother passed away while Skinner was a young 14 years of age, leaving him, his brother and father. When Skinner became an adult, he lived in Plattsburg, New York and then settled in to...
  • Operation Blankets of Love (OBOL) Founder Eileen Smulson
    Some 60 SoCal Animal Shelters – and ONLY one OBOL van to pickup and deliver
    Everyday the phone rings off the hook in emergency calls and cries for supplies of food, portable shelters and blankets from animal shelters in Southern California. On the other end of the phone is Eileen Smulson, founder, Operation Blankets of...
  • KJ
    Ten Tips on Feeding the Obese or Founder Prone Horse
    Several years ago, when my horse developed a large "lump" on the top of his neck, I had no idea what it was. I asked the manager of the barn where I was boarding in Ellington, CT at the time and she told me it was a fatty crest deposit...
  • Founder
    Ignorance can kill your horse
    Laminitis, founder, colic, cushings, EIA and more. Most horse owners have heard of at least some of these health issues that could potentially plague their horse. But, how many owners know how to prevent, test and/or treat for them?Let's take...
  • Collaborative Success
    Ten tips for collaborative startup success
    It takes a great entrepreneur with a great vision to start a business, but it takes a collaboration of many people to make it a success. That’s where leadership comes in as a key ingredient, to drive the collaborative process to make the...
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