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  • Baltimore riots: Moments in TV
    Baltimore riots: Moments in TV
    TV coverage of the Baltimore riots has united the nation. Regardless of what anyone feels about the matter that spurred these riots, everyone is having a feeling or a thought about the rioting. What has caused these riots? News anchors and talking...
  • Into the Storm Poster
    Movie Review: 'Into the Storm' not entirely a disaster
    Into the Storm, directed by Steven Quale, is a disaster-laden film focused on the town of Silverton. When a series of abrupt and unpredictable tornados touch down on the small town, several of the townsfolk get caught in the middle of the chaos....
  • TrailerMoon logo
    TrailerMoon promises high-quality game trailers at low prices
    On August 13, Frank Wagner announced that he and his team are launching TrailerMoon, a service that specializes in creating video trailers.TrailerMoon aims to aide game developers, app developers, and others who need professional-quality trailers...
  • Hindenburg explosion
    Rare newsreel footage shows Hindenburg disaster in breathtaking detail
    Despite modern innovations in video technology, which is able to capture startlingly lifelike moving images down to the last pixel, sometimes the old-fangled black-and-white footage speaks with an unparalleled eloquence. Such is the case with the...
  • 'Ant-Man'
    Edgar Wright's 'Ant-Man' test footage is leaked online
    A test footage of the upcoming film, “Ant-Man,” debuts online. The footage was shown in July at ComicCon. While there are some comedy elements in the film, the movie is not created as a parody. Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish wrote the...
  • The War Z
    First gameplay footage of The War Z
    It's been a long wait for dedicated fans, but the day is finally here. Gameplay footage of The War Z in action has been released from PAX Prime 2012. While it is only a few minutes long, it does show off many of the core elements in play. The...
  • Modern Warfare 3
    Leaked footage of Modern Warfare 3 points to potential controversy
    Footage of Modern Warfare 3 has already begun to appear across the Internet, likely due to the early yet accidental sales from retailer K-Mart. However, some of that footage - often being referred to as “leaked” footage - has begun to...
  • Dragon's Dogma Japanese Creator Interview
    Dragon's Dogma Japanese Creator Interview
    Dragon's Dogma has gotten a new Creator Interview posted up by Capcom. The Action Role Playing Game from Capcom is being directed by Hideaki Itsuno. The game is being produced by Hiroyuki Kobayashi. Dragon's Dogma maintains both single and...
  • hp7p2
    Get your first behind the scenes look at Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows Part 2
    The amount of footage and images and news and rumors that spewed forth for months leading up to the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One was insane, but well worth it for fans. Here we now have only the beginning of what is...
  • YouTube Spotlight: 1080p footage of volcanic eruption in Japan
    YouTube Spotlight: 1080p footage of volcanic eruption in Japan
    YouTube Spotlight: 1080p footage of volcanic eruption in JapanTo view VIDEO, click on the video IMAGE on your leftCRAVE MORE? YouTube Spotlight VideosDarrell Lum is passionate about YouTube. He scours YouTube for off beat, unique, bizarre,...
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