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  •  It's All In the Roll   Follow Desire To See!
    It's All In the Roll Follow Desire To See!
    When is the last time you allowed yourself a truly indulgent delicious meal; without discounting it or tabulating the calorie content? Life is not strictly about how much you can modify it, reduce it, or schedule it into your border patrol of...
  • Ways to Collaborate on Pinterest
    Looking for ways to collaborate on Pinterest?
    Even though Pinterest has a different look and feel than other social networks, you can easily begin to build relationships there. Here are five great strategies to help you get started:Create and group boardsCreate a board, and invite others that...
  • Seal of the President of the United States
    Good Shepherd versus Leader of the Free World reported today that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and current President of the United States Barak Obama faced one another in a debate in Ohio on Thursday. As the race for President of the United States heats up...
  • Walk by Faith
    Follow the Leader
    It is so amazing how our lives can be so chaotic at times because we are confused about life paths. Many of you are still seeking your purpose in this life an unsure of your soul salvation. God has called us all to serve one main purpose here on...
  • Why didn't they follow their own advice?
    Why didn't they follow their own advice?
    On occasion we’ll go to a friend about a situation we’re having and receive what we believe to be solid advice. Months later when it appears that very same friend is now faced with the same issue, they do something entirely different....
  • Twitter
    See Twitter For Sales
    Do you follow your favorite Chicago boutiques on Twitter? If not, its time to set up a page and follow! Twitter is already well-known for being grounds for designers and fashion houses to reach the masses. You can receive fashion advice,...
  • Jesus
    Choosing whether or not to deny Our Lord
    Saint Peter chose to say, "I do not know this man!" Not only once, but three times he chose to deny Jesus by saying he wasnot 'one of them.' This is Saint Peter! This is the apostle who loved our Savoir, followed His teachings,...
  • Tweet the tornado
    Twitter as a local tool
    Twitter is a social networking and microblogging sight that can serve many purposes. Among those uses are local updates, emergency warnings, tips to community news/events, weather forecast and bargains/sales. Twitter allows you to create different...
  • We should follow our Father, like the butterfly will follow after the scent of a butterfly bush.
    Who are you going to follow?
    Our nature is to follow someone. God put it there. In Luke 18:22, we are told to follow Jesus. In Hebrews 13:20, He is said to be our Shepherd, and we all know we are to follow Him. When we do this, He will make us into the unique people He...
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