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  • Do you know what you are drinking?
    Know what is in your drink
    If you walk down the drink aisle at the grocery store you will see hundreds of different beverage options. Everything from energy drinks to drinks that promise weight loss to smart water.Along with providing energy or recovery from exercise many...
  • A refreshing drink when you want more than just water to hydrate
    A refreshing drink when you want more than just water to hydrate
    Meet your daily liquid requirements by substituting this refreshing drink for one of those eight glasses of water you drink daily. Water can be boring to drink but is necessary for a healthy lifestyle and our bodies thrive on the importance of...
  • Refreshing water
    How many cups of water are needed for good health?
    Every now and then nutrition myths come out of the closet to haunt us. The idea that everyone needs eight glasses of water everyday to be healthy is one of those myths. Yes, fluids are important to overall health, but there is so much more to...
  • Prevent dehydration
    Stay hydrated and cool this summer
    It is hot outside and is just getting hotter. The average temperature in August in Utah is 90 degrees with almost no humidity and less than one inch of rain. During the hot, dry summer months it is important to take steps to prevent dehydration....
  • Tips to prevent dehydration, caring with someone with flu
    Tips to prevent dehydration, caring with someone with flu
    If the sick person is not eating well, encourage them to drink liquids. Avoid alcohol or drinks with caffeine in them such as colas, tea, and coffee.Older adults and people with kidney problems should check with their doctor about safe amounts of...
  • What are the effects of artificial sweeteners in your diet?
    Need to know: sugar, part 4 (artificial sweeteners)
    Sugar has been the Need to Know topic for the past few weeks and today we’re wrapping up this series with a look at artificial sweeteners. So far we’ve talked about sugar facts and figures, diseases and other harmful conditions related...
  • Caffeine, part of our lifestyle, can be harmful in large quantities. How much is too much?
    Need to know: caffeine
    Caffeine is the need to know subject for this week. It’s likely that you already know of caffeine’s effects as a stimulant. After all, one can make the argument that it is the world’s most widely-used drug, as roughly 80 percent...
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