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  • 'Flip' by David Lubar: Scifi perfect for middle grade and YA readers
    'Flip' by David Lubar: Scifi perfect for middle grade and YA readers
    David Lubar, master of the "Weenie" series of short stories, brings his own special combination of humor and thoughtfulness to "Flip," which is being re-released with a fabulous new cover. In "Flip," Lubar explores...
  • New companies hatch at DEMO
    New companies hatch at DEMO
    No one summed up the spirit of this week’s DEMO Conference in Santa Clara, California better than Evan Williams. Speaking from the experience of founding a number of companies (including a modest little enterprise called Twitter), Williams...
  • Typical Meeting vs. Traditional Meeting
    Typical Meeting vs. Traditional Meeting: 10 Comparisons
    In my previous blog post, I mentioned that this next series of blog posts will compare flipped environments to other types of traditional environments. My goal with this mini-series is to expand the definition what it means to “flip”...
  • Another confusing question, Gov. Romney?
    Did Mitt Romney just commit the fastest flip flop in history?
    Without even commenting on the subject of contraception, one can wonder if this is not the fastest flip flop in political history.There's room for reasonable people to agree or disagree that politicians can and do change positions over a...
  • Nissan 240 drifter flips at Thursday Night Drift
    Nissan 240 drifter flips at Thursday Night Drift
    Just when you think it is cool to slide sideways, physics reminds you that driving against the grain can sometimes result in quite a chaotic outcome! Flipping over a wicked drift session, this poor Nissan hit the corner too close and gravity took...
  • Red chartreuse door
    Red chartreuse doors are good
    If you frequent the East Los Angeles communities of Highland Park, Eagle Rock or Echo Park, you've probably seen a "flipped" property.You may not have known what you were looking at. You may have thought it was a just a young home...
  • Kitchen
    Is it time to flip in the NOVA/DC market?
    Whenever I'm out and about amongst the fine people of the DC area, the conversations frequently turn towards real estate. And of course being a Realtor, I'm often asked about the current market. People are often surprised to hear that I&...
  • Flip UltraHD video camera
    Grab them while you can - Flip video to be shut down
    It was just over two years ago that Cisco purchased Flip Video for over $500 million. Today, Cisco announced plans to close the Flip video business. Flip video cameras gained a great deal of success as ultra-portable low cost cameras that were not...
  • Dodge Caliber drifting fail
    Dodge Caliber drifting fail
    What is more fun than sliding your Mom's Dodge Caliber around on the snow and pretending to drift? Cocking it sideways in slush at high speed and flipping it over! Special thanks to our friend "Streetfire Sam" for bringing this video...
  • Datsun wrecked during drag race
    Datsun wrecked during drag race
    Racing against a full blown Chevrolet Impala, the little Datsun 1200 who could bit the dust thanks to a short wheel base and a squirrelly driver. The problem with the Datsun 1200, also known as the Nissan Sunny, is that it has an incredibly short...
  • Nissan Altima flips over and keeps going
    Nissan Altima flips over and keeps going
    In an attempt to pass another racer, a fully built Nissan Altima race car from the Nissan Alta racing series was flipped over numerous times only to keep on going! Even though it was flipped, the fully built Nissan still had the resilience to keep...
  • 100926140137logo.JPG
    Nissan 350Z wrecked and flipped drifting
    The Nissan 350Z is one of those vehicles that handles so well it can be bad for your health. During the NOS forum fest at the Pacific Raceway this summer, a Nissan 350Z was drifting through the curves of PR and took a nasty spill. Entering a very...
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