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  • Herpes on the finger:  Herpetic whitlow
    Finger herpes: Rare but not uncommon
    Herpetic whitlow, or herpes found on the finger (around the tips and nails of the hand), is easier to catch than one might think. When a conversation of the herpes simplex virus (HSV) comes up, many people immediately think of painful blisters in...
  • my sweetheart
    Zac's Lilies #2, selections from the prose and poetry of Alan D. Busch
    SequelAuthor's Note ... I call this piece Sequelbecause it tells the story of what happened after I had spoken with Reb Isser. (See chapter #1)We tried marriage counseling.Futile.I was in an abyss deeper than the well into which Joseph had...
  • Woman sticks hand in lion cage
    Woman sticks hand in lion cage: Fingerless woman sues zoo for her own stupidity
    A woman sticking her hand in a lion cage pulled it out minus one of her digits, and now, because of her own inane decision to dangle her hand inside of the lions' enclosure, she is bringing suit against the zoo. The mindless woman from...
  • crayons
    Top 10 things that go up a little nose
    Kids tend to do things that make us say 'hmmmm', like putting things up their cute little made a list of the 'Top 10 Things Babies Put Up Their Noses'. The list was put together when the writers consulted Dr....
  • Reflexology headache relief
    Reflexology headache relief
    Reflexology is so effective in releasing your headache because your head is represented in your fingers and your toes. This particular treatment uses your hands, so it is possible to do this while you are at work without any one noticing, you do...
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