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  • Selfie Summer
    Selfie Summer
    I thought I'd try out the selfie apps that promise to give you that natural photo shopped look without well looking like you've been photoshopped. I selfie, you selfie we all selfie.Generally I found these apps only work well with full...
  • Tips for searching historical records at
    Tips for searching historical records at
    Are you sure that you have mastered searching historical records at The basic tips and strategies in this first article on searching will help you have more success.You will learn more about:searching the entire...
  • Samsung Canister Vacuum System (SC96)
    After the guests leave, cleanup Part 1
    Your guests have left and now it is the first weekend where you have time to take down the decorations and deep clean. It feels great to box up all the tinsel and Christmas paraphernalia for another year—the room looks larger already.But...
  • photo_filters
    Filters, Filters, Filters
    This article will explore filters and the effects filters have on pictures whether you take the photo using a cellphone camera or a digital/DSLR camera.Any Camera Will Do.Today, most cellphones, i Phones and Android phones have cameras built into...
  • Lake View
    Using Gradient Filters for Creative Images
    When it comes to photography and filters most people usually only know about 1 kind of filter. Lens cap style filters that screw into your lens. These are widely popular throughout the photography community because of their ease of use and their...
  • Real finds with filters
    Real finds with filters
    Real finds with filters They say, that the air indoors at home can be more polluted than the air outdoors by simply what someone may be using to clean with, to cooking or etc. To help solve that problem somewhat it is recommended to use a filter...
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