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  • Fabric for Fashion
    Fibers to fabrics
    "Fabric for Fashion" is the complete guide for natural and man-made fibers by Clive Hallett and Amanda Johnston. The more you know about fiber, its qualities and properties, the better the end product. For knitters, weavers, crocheters,...
  • •	‘Eating dietary fibers reduce asthma symptoms’.
    2014 goal for asthmatic patient: Increasing fibers in the diet.
    Increasing fibers in the diet is beneficial to health and overall wellbeing.With temperature reaching negative digits in the Washington DC area and other parts of the country, asthma attacks may be rising due to the cold air. To avoid emergency...
  • Walnuts
    Walnuts ranking number one for health
    Around seven walnuts each day will have you receiving health benefitsScientists from the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania reveal in research has the highest level of antioxidants, which is almost twice as much as other nuts like hazel nuts,...
  • Hand spun yarn
    Deals on knitting supplies
    Everyone trying to save money this year raise your hands! Your hand was raised, wasn’t it?Knitters are no different than other people. We all want to spend less.Finding high end yarn and supplies at discounted prices is tough. There are some...
  • yarn2(1).jpg
    Different types of fibers that are made into yarns
    A stash of all sorts of yarn blends...Fibers used for knitting fall into three main categories; synthetic (man made), plant fibers, and animal hairs. There are many blends of each of these fibers, but the make ups of the individual categories are...