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  • Cinecittà Studio Tour
    Take the A train to Cinecittà
    It’s been known as ‘Hollywood on the Tiber', ‘The Dream Factory’ and the ‘House that Fellini built’. It’s one of the most famous movie studios in the world and it’s less than 30 minutes) from the...
  • Roberto Benigni
    Oscar week: Five Italian movies that won an Academy Award for Best Foreign Film
    The Academy Awards are less than a week ago, for those who love the award show are feeling 'Oscar Fever.' This article is going to be looking at five Italian pictures that won the covenant Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film....
  • The Great Beauty
    'The Great Beauty' Movie Review
    Many are hailing Italian director Paolo Sorrentino as the new Federico Fellini. While the comparison is warranted, once the theater lights darken, there is more to this talented filmmaker than meets the eye. Nominated for an Academy Award for Best...
  • Scene from 'Fellini's Roma' Vatican fashion show
    'Fellini's Roma' features Vatican fashion show
    The announcement of a new pope on March 13 after the sudden resignation of Pope Benedict XVI last month was met with cries and tears of joy in Rome. The installation of Francis I as the Pope on March 19 will include an historical promenade in...
  • Portland's Hollywood Theatre
    Do not miss Fellini's '8 1/2,' screening exclusively at the Hollywood Theatre
    “8 1/2” (Italian, 1963, black and white) opens tonight, January 11, at the Hollywood Theater in PortlandIn the 60s and early 70s, Baltimore was rich with at least a half dozen art house theaters. So in my late teens, I was exposed to...
  • LOVE IN THE CITY (1953)
    'Love in the City': Rare screening of neo-realist gem at SF Film Society
    “Love in the City” (1953) is an uneven but always-fascinating compilation of six short films, each written and directed by some of Italy’s most important post-WW II filmmakers, including Federico Fellini, Michelangelo Antonioni,...
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