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  • Personna Pirouette razor kit
    Personna Pirouette razor
    Not every stylist is proficient with razor cutting, but when it comes to the stylists who love to perform razor cuts, these stylists most likely use either the Jatai Feather razor or the Personna Pirouette razor. As a stylist who loves razor...
  • Baby girl sprouts a feather (Video)
    Baby girl sprouts a feather (Video)
    Mya Whittington's parents thought the growth in her cheek was odd, so they took her to the doctor to have it figured it. On Dec. 15 it was reported that the "growth" was actually a feather! At some point, the seven-month-old had to...
  • Mya Whittington
    Baby taken to hospital with a feather growing out of neck
    Aaron and Emma Whittington rushed their 7 month-old daughter Mya to the hospital after finding a bump on the side of her neck that was swelling at a rapid rate. Doctor’s admitted little Mya and watched as a two inch feather forced itself out...
  • Doctors pluck a feather from 7-month-old baby Mya Whittington's neck
    Doctors pluck a feather from 7-month-old baby Mya Whittington's neck
    Mya Whittington, a 7-month-old baby was being treated by doctors in Kansas for what turned out to be a feather in her neck, according to the Huffington Post on Dec. 13.The baby has been seen previously for doctors first thought was a swollen gland...
  • Feather in baby's neck
    Doctor plucked feather out of baby's neck
    Nobody knows how it could have happened, but a feather was found in a 7-month-old girl's neck.The baby was treated by doctors who thought she had a swollen gland, but the doctors in Kansas discovered a 2-inch feather poking out of her neck...
  • Sachin + Babi-Lacey Feather Skirt
    Sachin + Babi-Lacey Feather Skirt
    The 'Lacey Feather Skirt' by Sachin + Babi is a lovely seperate that can be paired with the most simple and elegant shirt. The skirt is made of a georgette material and has small pin tucks along the waistline. Feathers encase the entire...
  • Sue Wong: Strapless Feather-Detail Dress
    Sue Wong: Strapless Feather-Detail Dress
    The 'Strapless Feather-Detail Dress' by Sue Wong is a fabulous cocktail dress with heavy embellishment, signature style, and grace. The sheath dress fits tightly around the body and has fine chiffon ruching around the strapless bust area....
  • Sue Wong: beaded feather-skirt dress
    Sue Wong: beaded feather-skirt dress
    Sue Wong creates beautiful embellished garments with delicate details. Wong's 'Beaded Feather-Skirt Dress' has a rounded scoop front neckline, thin spaghetti straps, and a plunging back, stopping at the waist area. Hand beading encases...
  • Haute Hippie-coin feather bib
    Haute Hippie-coin feather bib
    Neckpiece bibs are a fashion favorite in Michigan as well as a big trend around the world. Haute Hippie offers the 'Coin Feather Bib', a neckpiece made of golden layered feather coins. The coins are attached to a nude leather shoulder...
  • Carolina Herrera: Feather-Detail Silk Top & Two-Tone Full Skirt
    Carolina Herrera: feather-detail silk top & two-tone full skirt
    Neiman Marcus of the Somerset Collection in Troy, Michigan has various Fall preview pieces. One of the premiere designers, Carolina Herrera presents her looks straight from the 2011 Pre-Fall runway show. The 'Feather Detail Silk Top' and &...
  • Sequin 'Marrakech' Feather & Fringe Necklace
    Sequin 'Marrakech' feather & fringe necklace
    The company Sequin is carrying a very beautiful, cascading necklace. It is made of a row of golden leaves, beaded fringe that comes to a point, and opulent stone lined neck chain. This necklace is perfect to wear with plunging necklines, little...
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