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  • Restaurant Stakeout
    ‘Restaurant Stakeout’ rescues Villa Monaco in West Islip, New York
    Last night's episode of “Restaurant Stakeout” was titled "Father Daughter Stakeout." Willie Degel came to help out Villa Monaco in West Islip, New York.Willie met with Nicky Lomonaco and his daughter Nicole of Villa...
  • Dad/daughter relationships.
    Happy Day to all Dads
    On Father's Day, we remember our dads in many ways. Dawn Ciccone, author of Poetry for the Soul, honors hers with this poem, Always daddy's Little Girl. Her book is available on Amazon.Always daddy's Little Girl.I remember dancing atop...
  • Building Father-Daughter Relationship
    Building Father-Daughter Relationship
    The father is the first and most important man in a girl’s life. The daughter looks up to her dad for the support and security she needs that begins at birth. With the increasing number of single-parent homes this relationship can be...
  • Waterfall.
    A fathers tale.pt4
    He had high hopes for her education and future. However, as time went on her grades regressed as her age increased. To his daughter, school became a nuisance that interrupted her social life. “Social life”, he chuckled inwardly to...
  • Waterfall
    A fathers tale.pt2
    It had all started out so well. She wasfour years old at the time of the divorce, so she had a minimal understanding that Mom and Dad would no longer live together.Yet, she seemed to thrive in the difficult situation. Her sleep-overs at his...
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