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  • Wood Colony's huge black walnut tree.
    Rural enclave threatened with annexation by City of Modesto
    Nestled in a cozy, rural 1,800 acre enclave just west of the City of Modesto, is the farmland enriched area known as Wood Colony. This increasingly rare and precious gem is being threatened by an ambitious city council in nearby Modesto with a...
  • Bacon a Difference
    Farmland and Petty Motorsports join together to assist Harvesters
    Memorial Hall was the site of the Bacon a Difference event held on Thursday, October 3, 2013, to benefit Harvesters. This event was sponsored by Farmland and Petty Motorsports. Farmland offered tickets to the concert event at $10.00 person with...
  • Hard assets as a play against hyperinflation
    Hard assets as a play against hyperinflation
    Well before the onset of hyperinflation and the public's concomitant rush to purchase consumer goods, such as food and basic survival items, in an attempt to beat the falling value of fiat currency, one would be well advised to have...
  • The Advent of Multiple Currency Collapses
    The advent of multiple currency collapses
    For those not quite in the loop as to ongoing economic irregularities in the world, watching the news and reading articles on the internet might be a good place to start, and furthermore continue to stay informed with a view to preserving value in...
  • Iowa Landscape
    Iowans want sustainable funding for natural resource conservation
    Yesterday Iowans passed a constitutional amendment to create a trust fund to provide sustainable funding for soil, water and other resource conservation programs*; unfortunately it does not have purse strings attached - or perhaps that's...
  • Punchin' Chudy in the walking ring at Monmouth Park
    What does the future hold for New Jersey horse racing, horse and hay farms and open space?
    Back in May, Governor Chris Christie signed legislation to revitalize New Jersey’s horse racing industry by reducing the number of racing days and increasing purses at Monmouth Park. Things were looking up until yesterday. According to the...
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