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  • Espresso for energy
    Espresso for energy
    The new energy fad in gyms across America can be summed up in one powerful word, espresso. People are taking a shot or two of espresso before their workout for an extra kick. The power of espresso is in its natural caffeine. A 1 oz shot of...
  • Moshi Monster
    Moshi Monster McDonald's
    Monsters are invading. This is no longer the plot for one of the seventeen post-apocalyptic Earth movies scheduled to come out next year, but they come in happy meal size at your local McDonald's. Haven't heard of Moshi Monsters? Well,...
  • poppies
    The best can be found in the worst.
    Sustainability is a good idea gone bad. It is so often used as a marketing gimmick by those who actually have the least to gain from it. Really, landscapers and gardeners would not have much business if landscapes really were sustainable and able...
  • Catherine, Dutchess of Cambridge
    Is it a trend or just a fad?
    In the world of fashion, the terms trend and fad both beg for proper understanding. Both trend and fads are always on the fashion scene so here are some clues some help to distinguish them and make your fashion budget stretch further.The trends...
  • Molecule Water Cafe: Water, water everywhere
    Emperor’s-new-clothes alert: First café serving only water opens in NYC
    "I’ll start with an order of water, move on to some H20, and, to drink, I’d like a glass of your finest vintage water.”The above restaurant order is fictitious but the menu is not. Neither is the restaurant. Its name is...
  • Celebrity hairstyle fads
    Celebrity hairstyle fads
    Most of us can say, what were we thinking with our hair styles? Many celebrities hair styles are just a fad. This article describes those famous Celebrity hair styles. We are going to take a look back to perms, afros, mullets, 'the Rachel'...
  • 80's fads
    80's fads
    As stated in previous articles fad's come and go. The good and bad fad's of the 80's are composed below. Stores still have 80's fads including 'Hot Topic' which is located in the Eastfield mall in Springfield, Massachusetts...
  • What's in your closet?
    Wardrobe necessities: What's in your closet?
    Picture your closet. Envision all of your clothes hanging there. Think about your favorite pieces, your least favorites, your go-to outfits, and the things you haven't worn in years. You probably have quite the investment hanging in that...
  • resized_MACS1.jpg
    The hipster and the Mac
    "I walked in the door, I'm a hipster baby, so why don't you Mac me"--Sound Familiar, think Beck of the 90's. Silverlake, hmmm. To buy a Mac or to stay true to the hipster ancestors? The LA coffee shop scene is rife with...
  • 21 Pounds In 21 Days Diet book
    Lose 21 pounds in 21 Days diet worth the risks?
    Lose 21 Pounds In 21 Days diet book #3 on the NY best seller's list a health risk?Can you really Lose 21 Pounds In 21 Days? There is a new book burning through the hands of a lot of serious dieters these days claiming just that news.Pop...
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