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  • You
    Mode of Cosmic Therapy: The Subject is: YOU!
    What is important to you today will be important to you always. The problem is: you don’t KNOW what is really important to you. WHY? {Because, you won’t stay still long enough to study the most important subject in the world: YOU!} You...
  • Confirm your hypothesis before presenting it as fact
    Confirm your hypothesis before presenting it as fact
    Entrepreneurs are excited by their technology and they should be. They create reasons to explain why everyone should be excited because it helps sell the ideas when raising capital and it helps convince consumers to buy products. The generation of...
  • Unraveling myths about pit bulls
    Unraveling myths about pit bulls
    Pit bulls have been stereotyped since the 1980’s, when the pit bull once recognized for caring for small children in the 30’s and working with the military to save lives during WWII, has been misunderstood during the last 30 years and...
  • delete
    Is that your final answer?
    Have you heard these words before?Is that your final answer?"Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" is a spin-off of a game show originating in the United Kingdom known as Cash Mountain. Regis Philbin introduced this catchy phrase to U.S....
  • President Barack Obama
    If Obama didn't kill Bin Laden then Hitler didn't kill any Jews
    The argument often employed by those who seek to deny the president his foreign policy accomplishments goes like this: "Obama deserves no credit for the death of Osama Bin Laden because Obama didn't pull the trigger. He also was just...
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