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  • What the Narcissist Allows you to See
    Narcissists are Chameleons that thrive on Secrecy
    Nothing the narcissist says is ever what he means. Language is simply used as a tool for deception, manipulation, and story telling. Everything they do is for show, or only meant in the moment. That's why everything around them seems so...
  • Kaufmann's Clock
    Pittsburgh Area Attractions: Kaufmann’s Clock
    Located on the corner of Smithfield Street and Fifth Avenue in downtown Pittsburgh is a device that has been informing people walking around Pittsburgh the precise time of day for over a hundred years. It’s known as the Kaufmann’s...
  • Mythic Source and Piazza Lavoro
    Pittsburgh Area Public Art: Mythic Source and Piazza Lavoro
    On the north shore of Pittsburgh sits a memorable piece of artwork called Mythic Source and Piazza Lavoro. It was created by public art sculptor Ned Smyth. An artistwho has done other such artwork all over the country and the Virgin Islands. His...
  • Glass wall
    Sustainability 76: the high performance building façade
    As our cities build higher and higher, building façades play an increasing role in energy consumption and conservation relative to building roofs and sites. And, as we spend more and more of the time of our lives within mid- to high-rise...
  • CorbelledBrickwork.jpg
    Corbelling: Second cousin to the arch
    An architects favorite past-time...watching the sun dance across our buildings!photo courtesy of Duane ShoreIf there were a 'family tree' for masonry, you'd probably find the corbelling technique somewhere thrice removed from that 'thing' that...
  • PenClubQuoins.jpg
    Quoins: Architecturally 'turning the corner'
    Quoins: Turning the corner at the Peninsular Club in downtown Grand Rapids, MIphoto courtesy of Duane ShoreThe Peninsular (or Pen) Club, located at 77 Monroe Center in downtown Grand Rapids defines architectural history better than practically any...
  • FlanagansPubEIFS.jpg
    EIFS: Exterior Insulation and Finish System
    Detail work on Flanagan's Irish Pub...appears to be..?photo courtesy of Duane ShoreHowever you say it; Efus or Ifus, it goes by a number of different names...Dryvit, Outsulation, synthetic stucco, Thermax, etc...and is one of the most flexible...
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