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  • Butter
    I can remember a few years back sitting in the Bark-O-Lounger 2300 watching TV and the Parkay commercial would come on. You remember when an average guy or gal would sit down with an English muffin and spread butter on it out of a tub. Then the...
  • Fabio
    Happy Birthday Fabio! Man who romances readers shirtless is 53 (photos)
    It’s Fabio’s birthday! The hunky Italian male model turns 53 on March 15 and the ladies don’t mind checking to see if he’s got his shirt off for the occasion. Known for his dramatic poses on the front of romance novels and...
  • Exclusive: Fans check out Fabio & Isaiah Mustafa in Los Angeles (Photos)
    Exclusive: Fans check out Fabio & Isaiah Mustafa in Los Angeles (Photos)
    The ladies were searching for two men with recent extraordinary internet presence. In a debate that allowed Isaiah Mustafa to reclaim his title of Old Spice Man, Fabio took on the man with just a towel to see if they could reclaim interest in the...
  • Fabio and Sash
    Fabio & Sash talk Survivor: The'Just be cool' strategy & Sash's take on quitters
    If you've missed the Survivor Finale or the Reunion Show, please check them out.One of the biggest lingering questions following the Survivor: Nicaragua Finale was the gameplay of Fabio. Was he just playing dumb or what? Well, I would not in a...
  • Fabio leaves Survivor: Nicaragua $1 million richer
    Fabio leaves Survivor: Nicaragua $1 million richer
    Last night, Fabio left Survivor: Nicaragua $1 million richer.It was a fight to the end, with Fabio winning three back-to-back-to-back challenges and then winning five out of nine votes with Chase taking the other four.The young model beat the...
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