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  • Protect healthy eyes with these foods
    Protect healthy eyes with these foods
    With almost 200 million adults in the United States requiring vision correction and the number increasing each year, solutions are being researched. A nutritional foundation is paramount, especially of certain organic raw non-genetically-modified...
  • cholesterol and eyes
    Seeing cholesterol in your eyes?
    Who has ever heard of having cholesterol deposits in both eyes? Dear Lord, when does this end? Cholesterol can even show up in deposits on the eyelids. It's bad enough that cholesterol, that is too much cholesterol, caused by food or genetics...
  • Ben Pierce blind
    Ben Pierce blind: Soon to be blind 9-year-old gives us his bucket list of sights
    Ben Pierce is going blind. The Texas 9-year-old boy is gradually losing his sight, but wants to create lasting memories in his mind’s eye as it were – of wonderful places and beautiful sights that he can hold onto when his sick eyes...
  • vision quest
    Video game screens child eyesight deficits in real time.
    Undetected vision disorders is the fourth leading public health crisis afflicting children. Vision problems may affect their ability to learn and, in some cases, result in permanent visual loss.Identifying children with vision problems is...
  • Closet image
    Six Reasons Why Natural Daylight is Beneficial for Your Eyes
    Ever wonder why being outside instantly puts you in a better mood? Natural sunlight is an extremely important part of our day-to-day lives and provides our bodies with Vitamin D, which is necessary for a healthy mind and body. Although most people...
  • Is it time to take your reading glasses off with GlassesOff?
    Is it time to take your reading glasses off with GlassesOff?
    The future is now?In the last few years, it seems as if the future has arrived and we are developing into a Class 1 civilization. From 3D printers to computer wristwatches to advanced smartphones, technology has been making significant strides as...
  • child's eye
    Healthy vision begins at birth
    Parents want the very best for their children in every aspect of their lives. From birth, parents work to ensure that their child has the best clothes, toys, food, and more. But one area often taken for granted is vision. Vision is one of the most...
  • Solar eclipse
    How looking at a solar eclipse damages eyesight
    Although the path for May 20’s annular solar eclipse did not include New England, Boston is scheduled to see at least four partial eclipses over the next 10 years. Boston took the eclipse spotlight in 1959 when it served as the starting...
  • Brown Eye
    Don't it make my brown eyes blue? This laser treatment might
    "Don't it make my brown eyes blue?" refers to an old Crystal Gayle tune, but it could also point to a laser treatment, that can turn brown eyes to blue.Follow me on Twitterandon FacebookDr. Gregg Homer of Stroma Medical, in Laguna...
  • FDA warns vampire eyes, decorative contact lenses may be dangerous
    FDA warns vampire eyes, decorative contact lenses may be dangerous
    In an update to consumers today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warns decorative contacts lenses, used as a fashion accessory or with a Halloween costume, may cause permanent eye damage if not worn & cleaned correctly.Failure to use the...
  • Vegetables In A Market, Vienna, Austria
    Eyesight Improvement Naturally
    Omega, Exercises, All Scientifically ProvenAlternative medicine has always believed and advocated than vision can become enhanced and improved by natural methods. Scientific evidence is now proving these claims that it actually can be done....
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