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  • Geekify your Halloween costume
    Geekify your Halloween costume
    Halloween may be for children, but it is especially for Geeks. When else is it OK to dress up as your favorite movie, anime, or video game character? That is unless you are a cosplayer and even then you can't go around the streets in costume....
  • New body part is found
    New body part is found
    Major anatomical find. A new discovery has been added to the human anatomy, and it will make eye surgery safer and less complex. It’s just 15 microns thick, Harminder Dua Unirvesity of Nottingham, just found a new layer to the human cornea...
  • Eyeball licking: Strange sexual fetish is gaining popularity in Japan
    Eyeball licking: Strange sexual fetish is gaining popularity in Japan
    Eyeball licking is a new sexual practice that has become very popular among teens in Japan. Eyeball licking, also known as "oculolinctus" or "worming," is the act of licking the eye of another person for erotic pleasure.This...
  • Giant Eyeball
    Giant eyeball the size of a softball: Bizarre find on Florida beach
    A walk along a Florida beach turns up a gianteyeball the size of a softball for onebeach comber this week. According to reports Friday, Gino Covacci is always pulling treasures and shells out of the sand at the beach, but this new find was looking...
  • ncisgroup
    NCIS fans - that eyeball from last week will be familiar and eye-opening
    There are two frames of mind for me when it comes to names or faces from the past reappearing on my favorite television show of all time. I like it because blasts from the pasts are always fun. But then again I hate it because something bad is...