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  • No explanation needed
    No explanation is needed
    Your friend tells you in private something that you did that they didn’t like. You didn’t mean any harm and they realize it but they feel it’s important enough to share it with you. Do you understand where they are coming from or...
  • Each symbol represents a planet
    Astrological visual symbols and what they represent
    Many people believe that astrology is all about the future. However, an astrology chart paves the way for self knowledge. When a person understands the entire complex human being, it helps with self-knowledge as well as understanding others....
  • Painting illustrating the many considerations of astrology
    How do astrology birth charts reveal an individual’s personality?
    The writings, hieroglyphs, and symbols that are speckled throughout a birth chart all have meaning. When a planetary transit matches up with any part of an individual's horoscope, it's going to have meaning that's pertinent to that...
  • Heart disease and causes, part 3, section A
    Defining heart disease, part 3, section A
    Your heart pumps approximately 100,000 times per day! Continuously beating 24/7, this powerful workhorse carries life-sustaining oxygen and food all over your body. If something interrupts this process, it could be fatal. What causes these...
  • Brandi Glanville
    ‘RHOBH’ star Brandi Glanville explains drunken antics to her sons
    “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Brandi Glanville may have been keeping a low profile since her dog went missing last month, but it sounds like she had one night out earlier this week that ended up badly for her....
  • Kate Gosselin
    Kate Gosselin gets support after racial photo and explanation
    Kate Gosselin was accused of making a racial gesture in a picture this week, as she was seen stretching her eyes out to indicate herself as Asian. She was quickly attacked for being a racist, which was shocking considering she married an Asian...
  • Christmas Moon
    Moon sign astrology brings a flow into everyday life
    The practice of following moonsigns has been around for a very long time. The way it worksgaugescorresponding activities that harmonize energies of specific astrology signs with daily life. Since the moon's orbit is so close to earth, each and...
  • Bachelor Pad 3
    'Bachelor Pad' winner Nick Peterson explains why he took the money for himself
    “Bachelor Pad” fans were shocked last night as Nick Peterson made history on the show. Rather than sharing the money with his partner, Rachel Truehart, he surprised her by choosing the “Keep” option which would give him the...
  • Paul Ryan’ astrology chart analyzed – what you see is what you get
    VP hopeful, Paul Ryan: chart shows mix of pleasant and candid persona
    An analysis of Paul Ryan’s chart shows a man whose personal life has less priority than his drive to improve the human condition. At first glance, he may be portrayed as the typical man whose wife augments his driving ambitions. Ryan is a...
  • No explanation needed
    No explanation needed
    As you’re speaking with a friend you tell them something that they did incorrectly. When you’re finished, your friend begins to explain why they did it that way. You notice that whenever you share something regarding their situation...
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