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  • Cigarette
    Cigarette company ignores 200K people asking them to stop testing on animals
    Philip Morris International and Altria are two of the leading cigarette manufacturers in the world; and they continue to test cigarettes on animals. Philip Morris recently came under fire after it was revealed that the company stuffed thousands of...
  • Adventures in Theater: Milwaukee’s most daring performances of 2014
    Adventures in Theater: Milwaukee’s most daring performances of 2014
    Going to live theater is like stepping onto Bilbo Baggin’s road: you never know where you might end up. Milwaukee theater artists most often perform contemporary dramas in which we are supposed to accept the characters and situations as ...
  • Alien abduction for experimentation
    'The Maze Runner' is like watching a movie about alien abductions
    “The Maze Runner” follows an abduction plot line. Each month, a boy wakes up in a box with amnesia. The box is an underground elevator that rises to a mysterious, grassy surface called “the glade.” The glade is populated by...
  • Produce
    Warnecke is back with PRODUCE in its third season
    What happens when you combine a handful of eager artists who have already structured works, and throw them into a dance-artist blender? PRODUCE happens. That's what.The Ensemble Project and Signal Ensemble Theatre’s Julie Ballard and...
  • Dream Ceiling
    Dreams and your writing
    Dreams are a powerful path to story. The unconsciously-directed imagination can suggest new directions for your favorite forms of writing, help solve creative dilemmas through different arrangements of ideas, or it can simply serve as an...
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