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  • Year in Review:  Best of 2014
    Year in Review: Best of 2014
    As 2014 comes to a close, let us all look back on some of my favorite products and experiences this year.8.) Tincup Colorado Whiskey - The newest product to come from Jess Graber, original owner and distiller at Stranahan's, Tincup was one of...
  • Our emotional waters
    Uncovering our emotional body
    Have we ever wondered how our reoccurring circumstances, relationship similarities and challenges enter our lives without us really trying to find them again? By reviewing the state of our emotional body, we can start the journey of uncovering...
  • Thomas Kinkade Painting
    Let There Be Light With Thomas Kinkade
    When I first saw one of his paintings, I thought someone took a picture. It was beautiful. Whimsical. It had a dreamy essence to it but still felt real somehow. It was a Thomas Kinkade painting and it had rich colors, beautiful utopian landscapes,...
  • Near Death Experiences
    What Happens During Near Death Experiences?
    I have had many people ask me over the years exactly what happens during a Near Death Experience (NDE)? What do I see? Where do I go? I ask them if they have ever drove home from work and suddenly realized, as they pulled into their drive, that...
  • NewDirtyDishes.jpg
    How to wash dishes
    This photo was taken during a roommate stand-off. One roommate was tired of washing the dishes all of the time when most of them were not used by the washer. Therefore, dishes were left for the non-dishwashing roommate(s) in question to do. It...
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