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  • 'The Stranger'
    The notion of existentialism in 'The Stranger'
    What makes someone a stranger? Albert Camus dares to ask this question in his classic work, ‘The Stranger.’ A stranger does not have to necessarily be a person unknown but rather could be someone who is different, an outcast, or...
  • Woody
    Deep Thoughts: Soulstice serves “God” silly side up
    “What do you believe in,” Dianne Keaton asks Woody Allen in his great 1973 comedy Sleeper. “Sex,” he replies witha straight face, “and death. But at least after death you’re not nauseous.” This is Allen in...
  • Robert Redford in 'All is Lost'
    'All is Lost': Robert Redford stars in existential shipwreck movie
    “All is Lost,” the other lost at sea movie playing in theatres right now is almost as good as “Captain Phillips,” but is a very different kind of movie.As opposed to a thriller like “Captain Phillips,” &ldquo...
  • Satan's Pit
    Existentialism vs Naturalism
    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree; so is the case with Existentialism. It is born from Naturalism, and is seen to be a necessary answer to Nihilism. Existentialism carries with it all the baggage Naturalism does, with some of its own...
  • Captain America: What's reallybothering him in the movie?
    Fun movie but is Joss Whedon's 'The Avengers' Theistic or Agnostic?
    “There’s only one God, and I’m pretty sure He doesn’t dress like that.”It may have been the most frequently Facebooked line from the new movie The Avengers that appeared on statuses its opening weekend. Especially if...
  • Quest for authenticity in contemporary shoes and jeans ads
    Quest for authenticity in contemporary shoes and jeans ads
    If one were to travel back to 19th century and describe to its inhabitants what it is like living in modern age, denizens of 19th century would undoubtedly have heralded modernity as Utopia; bullet trains, air travel, advances in medicine,...
  • Light of the world
    Light of the World - Not in the world
    The divine purpose of life in ChristAs Christians, are we commended to challenge corruption, to expose corruption in those who are elevated to positions of leadership? I believe we are to lovingly confront any appearance of evil with God's...
  • The Olde World
    Jesus: Communist, Capitalist, or Existential Lover?
    In a recent news article on the CNN Belief Blog, Shane Claiborne and Peter Greer were asked by CNN’s Gabe La Monica if they thought Jesus was a communist or a capitalist. Both Claiborne and Greer are Christian activists focused on helping...
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