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  • A worried applicant, Chuck Conors, waiting to be interviewed in Los Angeles, California at Lockheed.
    Research determines excitement overcomes anxiety
    The old advice about remaining calm during situations that produce feelings of anxiety has been shown to be much less useful than getting excited by research conducted by Dr. Alison Wood Brooks of Harvard Business School that was published in the...
  • A spinal interneuron (relay neuron) forms part of a reflex arc.
    Disinhibition neurons discovered
    Dr. Adam Kepecs led a group of a team of neuroscientists at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory that is the first to elucidate a class of inhibitory neurons that specialize in inhibiting the action of other inhibitory neurons. The research was published...
  • Kim Zolciak
    ‘Real Housewives’ Kim Zolciak expresses excitement for NeNe Leakes
    “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kim Zolciak is thrilled that the show is back on air and while she is filming the show with her former best friend -- and now current enemy -- she is actually thrilled that things are going so well...
  • As the Leaves Fall, So Do Hearts
    As the Leaves Start to Fall, So Do Hearts
    Without a doubt, Fall is one of the most romantic seasons of the year is. The landscape is full of painted vibrant colors, as trees put on their seasonal art show. Everywhere there is a crisp feeling in the air, as the scents of the solstice are...
  • Water Veil
    Capturing Exciting Adventure
    Recently I had the opportunity to attend an historic adventure and capture some of the action with my Canon DSLR. The location was the world famous Niagara Falls on the border of the USA and Canada. The event was an 1800 foot long tightrope walk...
  • Sensational media and you
    Sensational media and you
    The major reason media sensationalism is so popular is because people need a ‘wow’ factor in their lives. It’s the result of living a daily routine. Media tries to meet that need through newspapers with yellow journalism. Yellow...
  • Natural Bridge Caverns
    Zip lines in the San Antonio Area
    Enjoy the awe of nature, and the thrill of motion on a zip line. You don't have to go to Alaska or Hawaii to enjoy a zip line. Zip lines are all over the United States. In the San Antonio area is the Watch Tower Challenge at Natural Bridge...
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