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  • iPhones run spreadsheets well but which spreadsheet app is best may depend on what you need to accomplish.
    Best spreadsheet apps for iPhone: Comparing Microsoft Excel to Apple Numbers
    iPhones run spreadsheet apps well. Deciding which spreadsheet app is best will depend on what you need to accomplish.Numbers, from Apple, is made for the iPhone and will run efficiently, consuming little battery or data. Microsoft's Excel may...
  • Microsoft Excel 2013
    The 15 Best Shortcuts in Microsoft Excel 2013 – Improve Your Productivity
    Everyone can agree that Microsoft Excel is an invaluable tool when it comes to boosting work productivity. There’s certainly more than meets the eye, and its vast functionality is just waiting to be discovered. But when there’s a...
  • Two men in the workplace
    How to be a team player in the workplace
    One of the most important aspects of working at a business is team work. How well employees work together, can either make or break a business. With many different personality types working next to each other, working together can be quite...
  • Microsoft Excel screen shot
    5 basic Excel tips everyone should know
    Microsoft Excel has become an essential tool for both in and out of the office.For years users have found Excel to be a key element in office environments. Regardless of the business type or size, workers have used it for financials, data analyses...
  • Graphs on a comjputer
    Skills PR professionals should have
    It’s no secret that PR professionals must have good writing skills, persistence, tenacity and a Smartphone full of good media contacts. But there are additional skills a PR professional should have in order to do his or her job well....
  • OnLive Desktop for the iPad
    Use Microsoft Word on the iPad with the new OnLive Desktop
    Columbus Microsoft Office users looking to use Word on their iPad need to check out OnLive Desktop, an iOS app released today at the iTunes App Store.Another great thing about OnLive Desktop: it is currently available for free. OnLive is the same...
  • Cannot quit Microsoft Excel
    Cannot quit Microsoft Excel message when restarting or shutting down Windows
    Seeing a "cannot quit Microsoft Excel" message when restarting or shutting down your Windows computer?Try this solution.Go to Control Panel (click the Start or Windows Orb button, then Control Panel).In Windows XP, double click Folder...
  • MS Office products
    Excel & Access, MS Office applications go hand-in-hand
    MicroSoft Office Suite includes several applications;MS Word is the word processing application, Excel is the number-cruncher (has spreadhseets with rows and columns), and Access is the database application.There are others but these three are the...
  • Spreadsheet Simulation Graph
    How-to: Simple Spreadsheet Simulation
    Simulation is a proven Operations Research tool for modeling business processes to achieve understanding, change, and improvement. Most robust simulation software packages are pricey and require at minimum basic training provided by an expert....
  • Microsoft Windows Phone
    Windows Phone runs Microsoft Office: Excel and Word apps
    The new Windows Phone runs the Microsoft Office apps that people use the most on business PCs: Excel, Word, Powerpoint -- anyone who wants to update and save spreadsheets, Word and Powerpoint documents on a smartphone can do it now. The Windows...
  • Google Docs on Android
    Editing Google Docs from your Android 2.2 phone
    Many people don’t know about Google Docs. A lot of us wanted Microsoft Office for Android but Microsoft hasn’t wised up yet to create their main software apps for Android. But we have Google Docs which as Google described it &ldquo...
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