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  • Joy from within
    Being Your Best (Part 3): Being your best ultimatley starts with you
    There is an old saying that says, “So simple, yet so difficult.” That saying truly sums up the most integral part of being your best: being of your own mind (knowing yourself). People seem to be able to determine appropriate...
  • The Right Fit
    Being Your Best (Part 2): Select your supporting cast
    If you were given the opportunity to have your life’s story be an actual production of some sort, it is highly likely that you would want it to be the best production ever. It’s your story, so why not?! You would want the best set,...
  • A World of Environments
    Being Your Best (Part 1): Examine your environment
    Have you ever questioned whether or not you put forth your best effort towards something? No? What about being concerned about if you handled a particular situation the best way possible? Still No? Okay. Well, how about worrying about how others...
  • Gifted children's groups and summer camp allow a kid to be a kid.
    Part 4: gifted?
    This is a continuation of an “In-depth with an ADHD Coach”.As coaches point out these strengths, there are also weaknesses and obstacles that ADHD’ers tend to focus on or greatly fear. These fears can be so immobilizing that it...
  • Whole wheat crackers
    Are you doing spring cleaning? Continued
    In the previous article we discussed that this time of year is what many people refer to as “spring cleaning.” They take on the tasks of cleaning out their homes, garages, drawers, cupboards, etc. We also mentioned that it no doubt...