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  • "Let Go" (2015, beads and embroidery on canvas) by Stephanie Hirsch
    Butterflies symbolize personal growth in Stephanie Hirsch's latest show
    The Lyons Wier Gallery in Chelsea is currently presenting a collection of work by Stephanie Hirsch for an exhibition titled Awakening. For her third solo show at the gallery, Hirsch offers several works on canvases in the shape of butterflies that...
  • GKC
    The everlasting debate
    The prolific British author and favorite Christian apologist of everyone who’s anyone, G. K. (Gilbert Keith) Chesterton, died on this day in 1936.Chesterton was an imposing man – he stood 6’4″ and weighed well over 300...
  • HitlerChrist
    Adolf Hitler: The Christian Creationist
    The PZ Myers and Richard Dawkins websites prove that Adolf Hitler was a “Christian Creationist”. Hitler considered himself a Christian and historians know that the accusations of Hitler being an atheist are as patently false as they...
  • The divisive force of language
    About Time, part four: The evolution of Language – Science versus the Bible
    In previous columns in this series, we’ve looked at the clashes between the creation account and the Big Bang, between the Exodus account and biblical skeptics, and the biblical record of the Israelites’ history versus the historical...
  • Chimps enjoy cooked food
    Chimps enjoy cooked food and may take us over on the evolutionary scale
    New study finds that chimps prefer cooked food over raw. Our ancient ancestors beginning to cook there food is what lead to our development as humans today. Cooked food provides more energy for the body, is easier to digest which also saves energy...
  • Big Daddy Evolution
    Big Daddy Evolution
    There is a man-made doctrine that has clouded and blinded the minds of people for centuries. This man-made doctrine is the evolution theory.There is six basic concepts of evolution. Cosmic evolution - The Big Bang Theory. Chemical evolution -...
  • AdolfHitlerBritish
    Christian-Creationist Adolf Hitler
    Welcome to Christian Apologetics where Adolf Hitler is an Atheist and Bible quotes are cherry picked (e.g., Matthew 5:17-20, 1 Timothy 2:11-15, and Numbers 31:17-18)! “I believe today that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the...
  • Evolution 101 : Philosophical theory of science falsely so-called
    Evolution 101 : Philosophical theory of science falsely so-called
    The core of the evolution theory is naturalism, a proposition that the natural world proceeds according to its own internal dynamics, without divine or supernatural control or guidance, and that we human beings are creations of that process.The...
  • Scottish Education Minister Alasdair Allan
    Scotland's education minister: Creationism doesn't belong in schools
    Creationism has managed to stay in the public consciousness, despite being objectively unscientific and absolutely not the way the world works. It’s not just a problem with backwards Americans either, there are all kinds of scientifically...
  • wuerl
    DC Cardinal Wuerl at climate event in Rome
    Thursday, Michae Sean Winters of National Catholic Reporter analyzes the remarks of Donald Cardinal Wuerl (how you are supposed to say it) at the second event running up to the climate change encyclical (literally circular letter). You can read...
  • Ancient stone artifact
    Oldest stone tools yet discovered predate humans, were found in Kenya
    For years, conventional thought has held that humans were the first to start using stone tools. In Stanley Kubrick’s classic film “2001: A Space Odyssey” it is the invention of the bone club that sparks the evolution of man. But...
  • Philosophical Evolutionary Theory of science falsely so-called
    Philosophical Evolutionary Theory of science
    We know from the definition of "science" that it means simply "knowledge". But there is true science and false science. The one in the title "Philosophical EvolutionaryTheory" is falsely so-called science (I Timothy 6...
  • Prof. Ted Davis (Christian) and Bernie Dehler (atheist) debate at OSU
    Should Christian Universities Teach Creationism as a Viable Scientific Option?
    On Tue. 2-24-15, Bernie Dehler (atheist) and Edward (Ted) Davis debated at Oregon State University on the topic: "Is belief in Christianity conducive to doing good science?” In this video excerpt, the atheist accuses the Christian...
  • Does God exist?
    Church debate video: why do you believe (or not) in the existence of God?
    On Sunday 4-26-15, Portland Community Church hosted a Christian/atheist discussion on the topic "Why do you believe (or not) in the existence of God?" The video of that debate is now available for free online viewing:
  • Christian/atheist discussion in Church on 4-26-15
    Atheist and Christian authors gather in church for a discussion on Sun. 4-26-15
    On the Sunday evening of 4-26-15, Portland Community Church is inviting the community to a free atheist/Christian discussion, following a free community meal. All event details can be found at this link: . The two...
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