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  • Jon Gosselin in hard times financially
    Jon Gosselin is evicted: Tough time with money issues, lost job, Kate Gosselin
    Jon Gosselin isn’t hiding in his once secluded property anymore as the star has been evicted. The details of the reality star getting the boot from his home are extremely drastic as the man who loved the private location is looking at living...
  • Sochi Evictions and Homeless
    Sochi Olympics: Evictions of residents, land seizures reveal Sochi's cruel side
    In a powerful exposé written Feb. 6 by the Los Angeles Times, we are taken behind the curtain and shown some of Russia’s dirty secrets surrounding the inexorable machine of progress that transformed the unknown city of Sochi into a bustling...
  • This Baltimore referral site helps the unemployed find basic help
    This Baltimore referral site helps underemployed or unemployed find basic help
    In the future, we may possibly see a continuation of the economic recession. This could mean no decrease in the number of unemployed or underemployedpeople who will be asking others for help. Even those who have jobs might be battling inflationand...
  •  How to prepare for hard economic times
    How to prepare for hard economic times
    One of the most likely future threats that Baltimore area preppers may face is the possible loss of their jobs. Even if preppers do not work in any of the vulnerable work sectors described below, they should respect the job loss ripple effect that...
  • Occupy Long Beach supporters against Wells Fargo eviction.
    Occupy Long Beach Stands with Rachel New against Wells Fargo eviction
    Rachel New, a Signal Hill resident for three years is about to be evicted from her home on 2083 Freeman Avenue. On March 21, 2012, the sheriff will be at her door.Rachel New and her family—two daughters, disabled mother, a disabled aunt and...
  • Federal Housing Administration
    Real Estate; Still own your home?
    A loud knocking on your door and a sheriff deputy serving eviction papers, may be your only notice that you no longer own your home. Believe it or not, your bank might be one of those institutions we have all been reading about lately. Robo...
  • Landlord angst
    Deadbeat tenant? Evictions in Miami (part 2)
    Landlords can save from $150-$300 of the cost of an eviction if they do it themselves. However, case law for evictions shows over and over that there are so many variables and loopholes the normal Landlord won't be aware of... the eviction...
  • possible sinkhole damage
    A few follow-ups on previous stories
    A previous story mentioned Neighborhood Stabilization funds from HUD coming to Tampa. These funds are used to buy properties in order to make needed repairs/maintenance to existing structures or demolish existing structures and replace them with...
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