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  • Premiere: K.Mekonen newest single 'Everything'
    Premiere: Bronx rapper K. Mekonen turns up on brand new heater 'Everything'
    It’s been quite the eventful year for buzzing Bronx native rapper K. Mekonen. Solidifying himself as a perennial all-star of the often devalued underground market, the “Late Bloomers” rhymer, who has received much praise from...
  • Teresa Giudice
    ‘RHONJ’ star Teresa Giudice thought she was doing everything right?
    “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Teresa Giudice trusted her husband when he was doing their tax returns. She is one of the many housewives on the show that fully trusts her husband and his financial decisions for their family....
  • Kenya Moore
    ‘RHOA’ star Kenya Moore thinks Phaedra is blaming her for everything
    “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore planned the nice trip to Mexico for the group, but the first thing Phaedra questioned was whether it was a good idea to bring Apollo given how he is around Kenya. The two have been...
  • unpredictable
    What can make me a more attractive mate?
    If you believe looks are everything, you're not too serious about finding a long-term partner. Looks are not everything. Everyone and everything here on earth ages.When you find someone you truly love, you don't want to lose that person to...
  • NIN releases 'Everything'
    Rock News: NIN releases new song 'Everything'
    According to, another new Nine Inch Nails song has surfaced. Although the band's long-awaited eighth studio album is scheduled for a Sept. 3 release, you can hear the track ‘Everything’ as of today.Since Trent Reznor...
  • Spaciousness
    Daily inspiration from 'Expect Wonderful'
    Deep within you there is spaciousness. Nothing it seems, yet everything. It is through this amazing field that permeates everything and all of you that you have the potential to know and create everything.Life at the Ideafrontier.Expect Wonderful...
  • Sale time!
    Last minute sales before the new year
    Attention Ladies! There are big sales going on right now and you cannot miss them!One store you have to check out first is Maurice's. ( Not a lot of women know about this store which is surprising. This store offers great...
  • resized_800px_Dog_with_rawhide_chew_toy.jpg
    5 ways to stop your dog from chewing up everything
    Chew toys will help your dog break his habit. Shane Adams @ Wikipedia Commons Want to stop your dog from chewing up everything in the house? Good. Try these six things and your dog will relax and end his rampage on your valuables. Just: 1- Upgrade...
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