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  • Every Day
    Levithan's "Every Day" finds beauty in high concept
    The premise of David Levithan's Every Day is at once far-fetched and lovely. Each morning the protagonist known simply as A wakes up in a different body. A doesn't have an appearance of his or her own, doesn't conscribe to one gender,...
  • Colorful Hearts
    Why can't every day be like Valentine's Day
    Now that the glitter and ribbons of Valentine’s Day is gone and you can still buy the Valentine candies, but for half price, lets look at this very special day. Have you ever wondered why every day can’t be like Valentine’s Day?...
  • Every Day by David Levithan
    'Every Day' by David Levithan: A different kind of story
    David Levithan imagines what it would be like to wake up in a different body every day. That's what happens to "A," who never knows if he/she will wake up as a boy, girl, black, white, or anything else. "A" doesn't even...
  • Blurred focus transforms into clarity when one loves: Levithan's YA 'every day'
    Blurred focus transforms into clarity when one loves: Levithan's YA 'every day'
    David Levithan has written a young adult fantasy novel that addresses the physicality of linear time. His fascinating examination of two teenagers struggling to remain together within the context of an other dimensional existence amplifies age old...
  • Christmas Every Day
    5 Ways to have a perfect Christmas every day of the year
    You know the songs;” it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” and you feel that warm, fun feeling spread through your body, even though it is a rainy day in December.Or maybe “Frosty the Snowman” runs through your...
  • Every Day Production Still
    Movie Review: Every Day
    On the one hand, writer/director Richard Levine's new ensemble comic drama "Every Day" seems to suffer from an incurable identity crisis. On the other hand, this journey about life's copious complications is inherently worth a...
  • Every Day
    Director/Writer Richard Levine chats with Palm Springs Residents
    Saturday night at The Cinema Palme D'Or, Director/Writer Richard Levine joined a packed house of movie fans for a screening of his newest film Every Day (starring Liev Schreiber & Helen Hunt). After the showing of his film, Mr. Levine...
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