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  • Afrika6
    Afro-Brazilian Candomblé
    Candomblé is an African-originated religion that is practiced primarily in Brazil, but also in other countries in Latin America, Europe and the Caribbean. African slaves from the Yoruba, Ewe, Fon, and Bantu tribes, among others, whom the...
  • Global Community
    The history and future of Christianity
    Ben Pertz and family, all dressed in their Sabbath best, walked up the temple steps. Little Isaac brings up the rear, leading their goat, Molly, on a short twine rope. When they finally reach the top, the patriarch Ben Pertz, reels in Molly,...
  • The best evangelists may not even be fully converted yet
    The best evangelists may not even be fully converted yet
    A professional evangelist comes to town, puts on an expensive show and leaves. A church experiences a flash of excitement, a big bill and very little growth. The best evangelists are not the professionals but the most unlikely people, like the...
  • Whose ministries are they?
    Whose ministries are they?
    I admit it; I was way behind the times. Most people who listen to Christian music had heard at least some of his work. Some were familiar with songs he had written that were recorded by other artists, such as the beautiful and talented, if curious...
  • Brother R.W. Schambach dies at 85
    Revivalist Brother R.W. Schambach dies at 85, memorial service (videos)
    On January 17, 2012, revivalist Brother R.W. Schambach passed away from heart failure. He was 85-years-old and had spent more than 60 years in ministry. A message on the official website, Schambach Ministries, announced the news that has saddened...
  • dove
    Barbara Arthur an Evangelist for Jesus
    Evangelist Barbara Arthur ministered the word of God at Iglesia Bautista Emmanuel in Miami from Sunday thru Wednesday Oct. 27. She's very pleasant and easy going; with a natural demeanor and with ease she delivers tothe congregation her...
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